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I had finished up all my editing early that day, my inbox was down to zero and it was a BEAUTIFUL fall day…….so we busted the “new to us” 1950 Ford Rat Rod he had hidden in the garage….to go to Grandma and Pappy’s!  Greg had just literally picked it up the week prior when he drove to Michigan and… although it has quite a few things he still wants to change (for example the UGLY ceiling and seats) – the bones are good and he’s looking forward to putting his own personal touches on it!  And I’m excited to use it for photo shoots! WOOT!

Just a few of the car’s quirkiness! That’s right, the bumper sticker says ‘NO MULLETS”

I told you the ceiling and seats are hideous! THAT will be fixed in a few weeks! For now…there is a fiesta in the back seat! haha!!

She drives like a wild child!

 Pappy Davis was excited to see the car…he says, it brings back lots of memories! tee he he!


 I LOOOOOVE everything about these two photos! It proves my business philosophy PERFECTLY!!

I don’t want to take pictures to show you what you LOOKED like-I want to take pictures so you can remember how you FELT!

I hope Mallory is reminded every time she looks at these how much she is loved!

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