rick + lisa: the ceremony | St Thomas More, Bethel Park PA | jen mcken, photographer

Get the tissues….the images will make your eyes water…you have been warned!

Rick says….: “I knew that I was going to propose to Lisa in late December 2010. We had a trip scheduled for Florida in January 2011 where Lisa had a conference in Clear Water. Lisa and I arrived in Florida and stayed with her parents. I had dropped Lisa off at the hotel where she was staying for the conference and returned back to her parents house where Mr. Persang was making one of his great grilling creations. After dinner Mr. Persang and I were sitting in the “Man Cave” watching TV and having a few beers. This is where I asked the permission of Mr. and Mrs. Persang to marry their daughter. After I got the blessing from the both of them I started to move forward with the ring and date. Lisa and I shopped around to gather ideas of what she would like her ring to look like. Lisa of course had a very LARGE taste in diamonds and looks. I moved forward without her and created a ring of my own utilizing all the details she loved from the others. The next task after that was picking a date. Mr. and Mrs. Persang announced that they would be coming home for the 4th of July celebration. I decided to pick July 1st due to her parents being home. The next task was trying to get Lisa away from her parents and getting her to the Cheese Cake Factory. So I contacted Erin and asked her to set up a double date dinner night at the Cheese Cake Factory. Mr. and Mrs. Persang told Lisa that they had other plans that night. Everything was going great up to this point. I created a Facebook event page for the proposal and invited all of Lisa and my closest friends to an after proposal celebration at the Hofbräuhaus.”


These are the moments why I became a photographer…..

I seriously teared up EVERYTIME I saw this image while editing! I think EVERY bride dreams of having a picture like this of their daddy! 🙂

Greg caught this picture. They kept smiling at each other at the alter……

 The stained glass in the church was absolutely gorgeous……of course we had to include it!!! 🙂 SUCH a beautiful couple!

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