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BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to the lovely lades at Dixi Makeup Artistry and Intimately Your’s Lingerie Boutique based out of Indiana County.  Alicia, Gina and I were on a mission to prove to all of you that EVERYONE has an inner diva!

I’ve  had so many conversations with lots of you reading this. You told me that the last time you had professional portraits taken of yourself was either your senior year of high school  (and for some of us that was a LONG time ago!) OR on your wedding day………but nothing in-between! You’re often on “the other side” of the camera and when you see someone who could be possibly taking your photo, you dodge them like the plague. I’m guilty too! Our excuse….” I didn’t do my makeup” or (my favorite) ” I look like a bum”, ” I look horrible”…you see where I’m going. We’ve ALL said one of those in our lifetime.

I also know that most of you WANTED to have beautiful and glamour photos of yourself that were appropriate to hang on the wall……and didn’t fall into the category of boudoir or pin up.. *lightbulb moment*  So us three ladies joined forces and held a casting call looking for real, every day small town gals who wanted to be transformed into the glamourous alter-egos we all have within our selves……and don’t lie, you KNOWWWW you bring out the inner diva when you get ready to go out on the town! I wanted to capture that! I’m now offering “glam sessions” <insert *JAZZ HANDS*..haha> for all of you lovely ladies that just want to do something for yourselves…..or your husbands….but more importantly for YOURSELVES.  They don’t have to be in lingerie, it could be a sexy cocktail dress, a gorgeous sparkly shirt or like the recent session I had with Alicia…a simple black tank top with jeans!

Alicia worked her magic, Gina provided the wardrobe (psst…do you know, her shop has recently added evening gowns to the inventory!) and yours truly created the images below. SUPER BIG THANKS to Madison and Tammy for having faith and trust that we would present them the positive light they deserved! I think I speak for all of us when I say we had a BLAST working with you ladies!!!

ALL of these images were shot in the Intimately Your’s Boutique……..


Alicia did an amazing job!!!

Madison rocking the red lips!

I LOOOOOVE her look!!

I wish I could pull off short hair!!!

This is her first time in front of the camera…….doesn’t she look so natural?!


Tammy looking HAWT in the formal gown she ened up purchasing to wear for the holiday parties!! Sooo fancy!!

If you’re interested in booking a “glam session” at my small scale studio, please email me at  ….I CAN’T WAIT to show you how beautiful you are!!! RAWR! My sessions come with complimentary hair and makeup.

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