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sentimental value = priceless

By January 5, 2013 4 Comments

This isn’t any award winning photograph, it’s not going to be on billboards or the focus of some future ad campaign…but it doesn’t have to be in order to mean the world to me! This is my Great Grandma Sandolfini-Mallory’s Great-Great Grandma! We have 5 generations in my family and this past Christmas we went to visit Grandma. She has demencia and most days  she isn’t even aware of who we are…she spends most of her days sitting in her chair almost as if she’s staring off into space always confused where she is. It breaks my heart that the Grandma I remember doesn’t remember who I am…….or her own children. Sometimes she comes back and for a few moments she’s “herself” but when she begins to speak, the words are so broken that it’s very hard to communicate with words.


In this picture (below)  Mallory is holding up Greg’s iphone to Grandma’s ear with music from the 1940’s. She immediately lit up. I had my camera with me so I managed to get a few shots. To some people this is just “another photograph” but the sentimental value we place on them are priceless.


Hug the ones you love and remember……..photographs are WORTH SO MUCH MORE than the paper they are printed on! 


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