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Ya know, when I first started shooting “boudoir”, people would look at me funny and say, “What is BOO-DOOR”, no one knew how to say it-It’s still a standing joke between my friends and I. AND…..being from a small town, I think most people automatically thought feather boas and cheesy props- and then there were those that thought it was “raunchy” and “dirty”….the truth is, it’s not…AT ALL! As a matter of fact, the clients that I’ve been attracting have been women who simply want to feel beautiful…..for whatever reason that may be.

Just to give you an example, one women booked a session with me after loosing both of her breasts to breast cancer and she just wanted to feel beautiful again. Apparently, many different kinds of women are appreciated for their beauty at adult sites such as (take a look at American mature films for examples) so I knew that I could make her feel as gorgeous as she wanted to feel. Another woman, wanted to surprise her husband with something spontaneous because he would have-never in a million years-thought she would do something like that. Another woman, just newly divorced, wanted to remind her self that she was beautiful and not disposable as she has felt during the process, one women had recently reached her weight loss goal and wanted to celebrate and then we have the women who do it for a gift for their soon to be husbands on the night before/day of their wedding. What ever the reason is, I think as women, we all want to feel beautiful, if not in the eyes of a man, in our OWN eyes……to simply say, I am woman-hear me roar!

I’d like to say that my shoots are a mix of boudoir and glamour…….sexy, sophisticated and playful……. AND I believe laughter and confidence are HOT

I’m booking a limited number of glamour/boudoir shoots in January due to the other volume of shoots I have. If you’re interested in January pricing, finding out additional information AND so that you can have these back for Valentine’s Day, please email me at

………I can’t wait to show you how beautiful YOU are!

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  • Jen McKen says:

    I have a few more spots open before I leave for Disney at the end of the month! If you need them back before Valentine’s day we can still make it happen!

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