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dylan + logan: court house wedding ceremony | indiana, pa wedding

By June 30, 2013 One Comment

It was so cute how it all happened! I got a phone call from her on Monday apologizing for such a last minute request but that her and Logan wanted to get married and she wanted to know if I would be available to photograph it. She mentioned that she was having a simple courthouse ceremony and that they’ve been together for 2 years and engaged for almost a year……and they were ready to get this party on the move!!! I am honored that she called me and I am even more honored  that I got to photograph their ceremony and portraits so that all of their friends and family back home can see.


Getting all the paperwork finalized for the ceremony. They were a giddy nervous wreck….and it was adorable!!! <3

Right before meeting with the judge to go over all the ceremony details.


There were only 4 people in the room. Myself, the Judge and Dylan and Logan. It may not have been a huge ceremony inside of a 100 year old church, amazing architecture or elaborate details….but it wasn’t any less special. As Dylan’s eyes teared up…so did mine. I’ve had the honor of shooting some pretty amazing weddings over all the years I’ve been a photographer, but all the decorations and details does not emphasis the love that is exchanged during the vows. I know they had friends and family that lived afar that would have loved to be there in person, so I hope that by looking at these images you will feel like you were there……because I know they knew you were there in spirit!!! <3

How did you meet:
Logs (she calls him Logs…how cute!!!) and I were both stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia to finish job training for the Army. One night he just came up to me and we shared a pizza and just talked the night away. That’s when he should have realized I thought he was a cutie, I don’t share my food with just anyone! From then on we spent all of our free time together, I’ve never just clicked with anyone the way I do with Logan.”

I love that they wrote their own vows!!!

Who said I love you first?
“Logan said it first! We were outside enjoying the warm Georgia night and probably sharing a pizza. The start of our relationship could have been sponsored by Dominoes, since we ate so much their pizza! I got up to go inside to get ready for bed, and Logs gave me a hug, and said he loved me. The look on his face was priceless, because he thought he had said it too early!

The above right photo: she says, “We’re marrrrrried!!!!”

And Logan, for a farm boy……..you sure do clean up nice!!!! <3 <3

And whose THAT hottie!!??

WERK it Logan!!

I LOOOOOVE her dimple!!!

I wish the two of you a life time of laughter!!! I hope you had a fabulous night out on the town….and remember, ALWAYS make time to stop and smell the Domino’s!!!!!! <3 <3

For anyone else who may be planning a simple courthouse ceremony……..I’d love to hear YOUR story!!!! <3

One Comment

  • Heather Scally Mathews says:

    beautiful moment! From the pictures you would have thought it had been a year in the making! Gorgeous couple!

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