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These two were sooooo brave! Someday they are going to be able to tell their grandkids how they did their engagement session during the 2014 Polar Vortex with sub-zero temperatures. They were such troopers and insanely adorable together! All in the name for some romantic snow images! I just have to point out that there is not one single fake snow flake in these images…it’s the real thing….and it’s ohhh sooooo prettty!!!!

indiana county pa engagement session

I love how the snow is blowing off the roof…’s so romantic. AND because it was so cold, they had to do a lot of snuggling! <3

indiana county pa engagement session

We met the summer Jim graduated from high school (he’s two years older than me.) We were going to the movies with mutual friends and realized we actually lived across the street from each other. It was so weird! We really just kept in touch and started dating while he started going to school at Penn State. – Alexis

indiana county pa engagement session

Facts About Alexis:
1. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I’ve practically been raised to love candy and chocolate; however, I can’t complain!
2. I secretly want to own a Lexus someday, just for the reason of saying, I own “A-Lexus.” 🙂
3. I am so obsessed with the color purple. It was obvious when we started to plan our wedding what the main color would be!

Facts about Jim:
1. I am the fourth generation James William Patrick Ellermeyer. We are hoping to have a fifth. Someday!
2. I have eaten some pretty weird food.. Andrew Zimmerman style.
3. I am a huge beer fanatic. Troegs Nugget Nectar has to be my favorite!

indiana county pa engagement session

(My birthday is on Valentines Day) I was at school and it was a weekday. I was recovering from the exciting night of my 21st birthday. We went to college 2 1/2 hours away from each other, so I wasn’t expecting to see him at all on my birthday. I was really bummed out! Jim texted me and said he was doing his homework and I was laying down to take a nap! I heard a knock at the front door and went to answer it. IT WAS HIM! He tricked me!!! He had 2 dozen roses and a pink gift bag. I went to open up the present and there were chocolate candy letters in it and he told me to unscramble them! They spelled, “MARRY ME”? When I realized what was going on he got down on his knee and proposed! It was ADORABLE! -Alexis

indiana county pa engagement sessionindiana county pa engagement session

Jim said I love you first. I went to visit Jim and my sister at Penn State and I convinced Jim to park his car outside of his dorm room, because I didn’t feel like walking (lol) Little did we know he got a boot on his car the next morning, because of his many unpaid parking tickets and my laziness! I felt AWFUL! I went to leave to come back to Indiana that day and while I was saying goodbye to him he said he was falling in love with me! It turned out to be a better day after all! 🙂 for me at least. -Alexis

indiana county pa engagement session

I can not wait to work with you guys in June….during the warmer months! tee he he! But seriously, you two are insanely adorable and I’d brave any Polar Vortex for more photos for you ANYDAY! <3

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