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we’re going to mexico!! | out of office april 2- april 12

By April 1, 2014 One Comment

We’re always so last minute when it comes to vacations. We spend ALLLL year thinking about where we want to go and come up with all these ideas but we never book anything until last minute because by the time we decide, wedding season is right around the corner and we have to hurry up and book! haha This year however, we tried being ahead of the game…but right before hitting submit on a vacation to Mexico in early March, we realize that Greg’s passport had expired! *fail* No problem RIGHT, we’ll just send out for another one, get his photo, fill out all the documents and have it back in a few weeks……well that’s if you don’t forget to include the payment-he.forgot.the.payment. They sent that sucker right back to us and it was round two….SO, we sent it back a second time (this time WITH a payment) and we finally got it back (for good) a week ago. So it might be a month or so later…but we’re finally heading to Mexico for some sun, sand…but more importantly, some much needed family time….and maybe a shoot or two! 😉  I can’t wait to go an relax, get a tan and laugh until my belly hurts with my family.

Yes I am taking my “big girl camera” with me because it’s like my third arm and I can’t wait document our trip and to share some of the images with you. I’ll be blowing up instagram with photos when I get the chance or find some wifi! So for those of you who follow me (jenmcken), you have been warned! haha!

This will be our second trip to Mexico but it will be Mallory’s first time and it’s going to be exciting to go off the beaten path and show her some of the culture. She’s been bringing home books home from school about the Maya’s and the Inca’s all week…. I think she’s more excited about getting her third passport stamp! haha! I didn’t get my first passport stamp until I was 19 and I’ve been eager to see more of the world ever since-I truly believe seeing the world has made me so much more open minded….I want to give that to Mallory.  There’s only so much that can be learned from books, some things can only be picked up thru real life experiences on the road!

Even though it *IS* vacation….I’m on a mission people!! I have a feeling that there won’t be a whole lot of fruity drinks in my future- I’m trying so hard to stay away from any unnecessary sugar and I don’t want to feel guilty after I come home. Is it pathetic that I’ve already checked out their gym and that I plan to work out during my vacation?! haha!

So thank you in advance for your patience with the delay in getting back to phone calls and emails while we’re away. I will be getting back in my groove on April 12th and my response times will be back to it’s ninja self!

hasta luego, me voy a trabajar en mi bronceado!!


out of office

One Comment

  • Tabitha Mackey says:

    Have fun! We took a cruise to the Bahamas and I was so disappointed because they didn’t stamp our passports.

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