anthony + jeana | portraits at The Arcade | Cleveland, Ohio

Four months after Anthony graduated from Washington & Jefferson College, he fatefully attended W&J’s fall production of Twelfth Night where a promising freshman starlet named Jeana Rifici caught his eye. While normally somewhat timid about making the first move, he was taken with her enough that he cautiously composed a private Facebook message to Jeana that sparked the long fuse that would ignite their relationship three (3!) years later, followed by engagement some three years after that.”- Jeana

The Arcade, Cleveland Ohio Wedding Photographer

We love discovering unique new restaurants, street and arts festivals, traveling to visit friends in other cities, and lots and lots of movies and tv series. From time to time, Anthony will play guitar or piano while Jeana sings.”

The Arcade, Cleveland Ohio Wedding PhotographerThe Arcade, Cleveland Ohio Wedding Photographer

We were visiting the Mattress Factory modern art museum on the North Side of Pittsburgh. It was a cold day, and Jeana was soon moving back to Ohio after completing her last semester at college. Anthony knew he wanted to tell her at some point that day, but wasn’t sure about the right moment. 

One of the exhibits was in the basement of a building – you had to descend a narrow staircase to the barely-lit area that featured several 3 foot high pyramids, each rotating different soft-colored lights to musical tones. We sat on a bench meant to take in the exhibit. After a minute or two, feeling the peaceful calmness and holding Jeana in his arms, Anthony turned to her and said, “I love you.” Jeana smiled and very calmly replied, “…I love you too.” “- Jeana

The Arcade Cleveland Ohio Wedding Portraits

The Arcade, Cleveland Ohio Wedding Photographer

We’re both the “weird ones” in our respective families, but in a good way. We’ve both been performers from an early age, love music and movies from eras we weren’t alive for, and constantly find ourselves making the same retort to any situation. We truly feel we’re soul mates with a strangely similar brain. “- Jeana

The Arcade, Cleveland Ohio Wedding Photographer

A few  random facts about the love birds:
 Jeana performed Mozart’s “Requiem” in cathedrals in the Czech Republic and Austria. 

Jeana won a baby beauty pageant in Virginia. 

Jeana attended a boarding school for grades 9-12. 

Anthony has been collecting “passport stamps” from National Parks since he was 13. He estimates he’s been to at least 25 at this point. 

Anthony appeared as an extra in the film Adventureland (his name is also in the credits). 

Anthony performed a stand-up routine as an opener for SNL performer Jim Breuer. 

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  • Linda D. StewartJuly 17, 2014 - 12:17 am

    I am so happy to see the pics of the wedding……..can’t wait to see more ! an excellent job !!


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