same table, new business

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I bought a farm house imported table from Pier one roughly 16 years ago for the very first home we purchased together. If I’m being honest, it was WAY too big for the room, but I fell in love with the imported wood, rustic, it didn’t matter if it got nicked up because it would add character- feel of it. Growing up we never had a “formal dining room” so just being able to buy it and have a designated space for it to be made me feel a little accomplished and made the space feel like home. I would later and unknowingly start my photography business on that table.

We didn’t have a designated “office” in that home and I needed to be in an area where I could still work but also keep an eye on a toddler. Countless hours into the night after Mallory went to bed were spent sitting there shifting thru as much information about photography as my brain could absorb. I learned about shutter speeds, apertures, marketing, how to edit-and as a matter of fact, I edited my very first wedding on that table with a laptop I had purchased with the profits of everything I learned. I started my website on that table, took phone calls and emails from clients at that table, read countless forums about photography on that table and drank LOTS of coffee at that table AND, I could change my view every day but just switching chairs! haha!

I sat in my tiny little house (with horrible internet) and my crappy little laptop and created my very first blog. I’ve been a blogger for over 15+ years and I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I just knew, I wanted to share my work, my thoughts and my life via this online journal/scrap book thing that was relatively a new concept. I remember the day I said the word “BLOG” out loud to someone describing what I was working on…I could tell they wanted to laugh out loud but not offend me. The word itself was new and no one knew if I was mispronouncing something by accident!  haha! It blossomed into this blog-thousands of posts later- and here I am all these years later still working from the VERY same table that it all began on but in a completely different home.

Since the move 11 years ago, I’ve since been fortunate to have a designated office/studio space to work out of but with all the pandemic/COVID/corona issues we have going on around us, many of us are without child care and working from home-including me. Sure, I have a studio on my property that I can work out of, but with a toddler at home, I pick my battles. So here I am- I’ve set up camp back on that same dining room table….and it’s oddly comforting and familiar.

Same Table, New Business

women working from a laptop at the dining room table

If this table could talk…it would have stories to tell! It would tell you of all the struggles and triumphs of starting out in photography AND it would tell you about all the late night hours I have been recently putting into a new business. Sitting in the same chairs, brain dumping, researching, phone/zoom, calls, emails that have been happening. When I said it feels oddly familiar-I meant it. I’m working from a much better laptop now aways, with much better wifi, and a much better knowledge base of how to start a business.

So what is our new business venture? A real estate investment business.

mcbish investmentsIf you’re wondering, if I’ll still be doing photography-HELL YES! You’ll have to pry the camera out of my dead cold hands-that business is going NO WHERE- but we are (have been) venturing out and focusing even more on the real-estate investment business we officially established over a year ago. We’re currently getting ready to acquire a few more residential + commercial rentals and we’re looking for other potential real-estate investments! If by the small chance you are reading this and know of any multi-family units that are for sale/getting ready to go up for sale, pass them along our way! We’d love to chat!

…and just know that if you call/email me with any leads, I’ll most likely be answering those from my dining room table-at least for now!


Is this what they call “full circle”?

Happy Quarantining Everyone! <3