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camping: the good life | tidioute, pa

By August 11, 2014 One Comment

Sure I looooooove the beach, the smell of the ocean, the warm sand on my toes, the cool breeze from water and the beautiful Caribbean blues……..BUT, I’d be lying if I told you I miss the simple life sometimes of the great outdoors. Growing up our family vacations consisted of going camping for weeks and weeks on end. I didn’t actually get the opportunity to go to the ocean for the first time until I was in high school… camping is all I knew! I was a little tomb boy who wasn’t afraid to get a little dirt under her fingernails. My parents have since purchased a camp near the small town of Tidioute, PA. It’s located just past Cooks Forest and it’s a little weekend get away that takes me back to childhood. We don’t get to go all the time, because I’m always shooting weddings on Saturdays when everyone else goes up…but when we did, we make up for it! Mallory spends almost every weekend with my parents when they do go up, and it makes me so happy that Mallory gets to run around and just be a kid like I did growing up. There’s very little internet service there to begin with…so you won’t find kids behind computers or ipods (*GASP), everyone is fishing, canoeing, swimming in the river or riding bikes.

We have a 10 week straight wedding streek coming up in a few weeks where every weekend of ours will be gobbled up with weddings (it’s a good thing I LOOVE my job! haha) so we thought we’d take one of the few weekends we had free to go up and hang out at camp. Yes, I took a camera–it’s just what I do but I didn’t have it with me the whole time-these are just some random shots from the weekend! Some of the images were shot with my handy dandy iphone, others with my GoPro and the rest with my big girl camera!

ohh and here’s a little video….we condensed a weekend into a 2 minute video! I’m an amateur-don’t  judge!

camping 2014-0269

camping 2014-0409

Getting ready to head out for a day of tubing on the water!

camping 2014-0434camping 2014-0440camping 2014-0417camping 2014-0954camping 2014-0950

Canoeing! Mallory’s back there, she’s hiding behind my head! haha!

camping 2014-0878camping 2014-0875

A float down the river wouldn’t be the same without my watermelon! I told you I was obsessed! hahaa!

camping 2014-0867

We found a shallow area for the kids to play!

camping 2014-0840camping 2014-0837

Me and my mom! My Italian side comes from her….but she’s blonde and pale! hahah!

camping 2014-0641

Visiting the old fire tower in Cooks Forest…..I’m telling ya, all those step aerobics classes payed off! haha! haha!

camping 2014-0631camping 2014-0968camping 2014-0625

I caught a mama crayfish….look at all of her eggs!

camping 2014-0621camping 2014-0853

Jim ended up catching a 27″ walleye…so we had to take some underwater photos!

camping 2014-0578

Out for a hike!

camping 2014-0543

camping 2014-0533camping 2014-0514

I laugh every time I see this. There’s a spring not far from camp that they often go to in order to fill up water jugs for cooking, etc……..they had no idea it was going to explode…they both got wet!

camping 2014-0282camping 2014-0566

I’m definitely NOT a nature photographer…but gosh nature can sure be pretty!

camping 2014-0350

A perfect egg in the basket….Mallory’s Favorite!

camping 2014-0336

I smelllllllllll bacon!!

camping 2014-0286camping 2014-0285
camping 2014-0264camping 2014-0277

and just for the record….I like to burn my marshmallows! 🙂

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