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So Mom tells me it’s been a good 10 years since she’s had a family photo taken…… check!!! After many emails back and forth, we finally found a date that worked for everyone…..and they were such a fun bunch–they probably think I’m the weirdest person everrrrrrr but hey…I got the shots! haha! Trust me, I know how hard it is to wrangle up the entire family-especially after they have left the nest and all have schedules of their own!!

blairsville pa family photographerblairsville pa family photographer

The girls with Dad! I’m sooo jealous of their hair!!

blairsville pa family photographer

And of course one with mom…..and the other Bob! haha!

blairsville pa family photographer

Mom described the family as: loud, Fun, Fiery, Dramatic, Blessed & Perfect (oh and of course, over achievers! LOL)

blairsville pa family photographer

Did I mention they were a fun bunch!! I had to throw in the impromptu family cat walk photo! haha! Look at dad swinging those hips! haha!!

blairsville pa family photographer

Thanks for being such great sports!!! <3 You’re such a fun bunch!! And much love and respect to Dad for serving almost 24 years as a United States Marine! <3

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