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This beautiful gal is Oksana and she’s probably one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever photographed! She’s a senior at Derry Area High School and I see big things in her future!! She’s incredibly talented and LOVES music-more specifically her oboe! I had so much fun with her and even thought it was a little bit chilly, she didn’t complain one time!!! And let’s just talk about how gorgeous her hair is! I’ll raise my hand and be the first to say that I’m extremely jealous of her long locks!

derry area school-high school seniorDescribe yourself using 3 words:
I can be friendly too, some people say I’m too nice.”-Oksanaderry area school-high school seniorWhat do you want to be when you grow up?
“A music teacher, because I really appreciate the art of music and want to introduce others to it as well.”-Oksana

Tell me your favorite quote:
“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

derry area school-high school seniorderry area school-high school seniorTell us a funny story about yourself:
” My best friend and I come up with the craziest ideas, so for a school project we decided to turn The Great Gatsby into a musical without knowing we’d have to present it to the class. Well our luck of course, the junior boys soccer team and “popular” girls are in our class. First of all, we weren’t as good singers as we thought we were, so by the end pretty much the whole class had left discussing how bad we were, and we should have previewed it before hand because in many scenes my underwear made a few appearances as well as the spot on my pants that was left from laughing so hard during the making. Best of all she plans to show this to her classes in the future.”-Oksana

derry area school-high school senior“like really any type of music but my favorite artists or groups are Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Broadway Showstoppers, Lifehouse, and The Celtic Woman. Songs that appear most on my I-Pod would be a lot from Wicked the musical, Sexyback, Send Me a Song, and pretty much every song Demi has ever made.”- Oksanaderry area school-high school seniorGive me 5 random facts about yourself:
“*My puggle known as Brookie , Brook-a-boo, Brook-a-lyn, Brooklyn, Brookie Cookie, and PITA (pain in the.. butt), is my favorite animal in the universe. He follows me everywhere, sleeps with me every night, eats a lot, and is quite gassy. He’s pretty much my twin in dog form.

*My dream is to be on Broadway, my only problem is I can’t sing like Broadway people should, so my dream has been revised to play my oboe in the pit on Broadway.

*No matter how messed up the show American Horror Story is, I still love it so much.

*My mom doesn’t understand how I can be so graceful when I twirl, but be so clumsy any other time.

*My name is Oksana, not Oaks-ana, Ox-santa, or Osama. It’s Oksana (Awks-awe-na). I don’t mind if anyone gets it wrong though I love to hear the new translations. :)”- Oksanaderry area school-high school senior“I’m terrified of windmills, I had a dream once I got stuck on one, and ever since my mom has to tell me to shield my eyes every time we pass one.. or many.”- Oksana
derry area school-high school seniorderry area school-high school senior


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