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2014 Breakfast with Santa | Wrap UP

By December 7, 2014 No Comments

GULP! We made it……the entire staff at Chestnut Ridge, Greg and I ….and Santa! The final count for this year (with 60 or so still on the waiting list) was over 400 people-185(ish) of those were shorties a.k.a. little kids! The room was packed and bells were a’ringing for Santa to enter the room. Little kids were jumping out of their seats and standing on their seats trying to get a glimpse of the big man in red! It was absolutely adorable. They marched right up the steps to sit on his lap, handed hi, their list and then talked his ear off (well, ok and some of them cried…bloody murder!) and one of them even fell asleep on Santa’s lap! haha! Is it awful if I tell you that sometimes my favorite photos are of them crying?! haha I think it’s because I know in a few years that photo will be priceless!

If you attended and you’re looking for ALL of the images, you can find them here.

2014 Breakfast With Santa-9117This was Santa’s “before photos”…you know before he lost 10 pounds of sweat! haha!

2014 Breakfast With Santa-9083Just a few shots of the room empty and full!

2014 Breakfast With Santa-9111


No wander my back was killing me when I was finished!


Apparently, I had a great time! haha!

2014 Breakfast With Santa-9725

Tee he he!

2014 Breakfast With Santa-9435How cute!!! If you only KNEW what that paper said!!

2014 Breakfast With Santa-97842014 Breakfast With Santa-9995Do you see it…..we have a sleeper!! haha!

2014 Breakfast With Santa-02242014 Breakfast With Santa-0273We got a giggle out of a few of these Dear Santa letters! 🙂

2014 Breakfast With Santa-0242Of course I had to grab my very own photo of Santa! 🙂

2014 Breakfast With Santa-0255Drum Roll Please……the fantastical staff at Chestnut that made it all possible! Both the people visible out on the floor and all those that made everything run smoothly behind the scenes! *fist bump* And I mean c’mon, they were great sports wearing antlers and all! 😉

2014 Breakfast With Santa-8821

I am also humbled every year by the generosity of those of you in attendance! Year 3 of bringing toys for Toys for Tots was a success! I shared the story on WHY I do the toy drive on a previous blog post and I give everyone who brings a toy a chance at the drawing that’s pulled at the very end. The winner gets a free session with ALL of the digital files! I’m so happy to announce that the Desiderio’s  were this year’s 2014 winners. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!! Because of all of you who brought a gift, you’re making someone’s Christmas a little brighter-trust me, I know! 😉

And a whole hearted Thank You for everyone who came out this year! Chestnut is amazing for doing this for the community…and I’m so honored to be part of it! <3 I hope everyone made a few memories!! See you next year!!

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