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Palm Springs, Hollywood, San Diego, Joshua Tree, | California weekend

By January 21, 2015 3 Comments

It happened so fast! I got the phone call asking me what I would be doing on the weekend….and just like that I was boarding a plane to Cali with some of my favorite people!

I love spontaneity….and I think I want to add more of it into my life!! So needless to say, I spent the weekend exploring and laughing with my friends…it was great for the soul and the blue skies and sunshine sure did help! I thought we were spending the entire weekend in Palm Springs so imagine my delight when I found out we were in fact exploring Hollywood, San Diego and making a trip to visit Joshua Tree.  We spun in circles on the  rotating tram car ascending the cliffs of Chino Canyon, watched the sun set over the Pacific, stayed the night at the Whilshire on Rodeo Drive, I got to see the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame, saw the Chinese Theatre and I visited the (one of the)only spots the sacred Joshua Tree grows! One minute we were sipping drinks and shopping in Beverly Hills and then the next we were hiking thru the Mojave Desert! I definitely NEED more spontaneity in my life! Sometimes when I’m traveling, I sit and think back and get the chills……the little girl from the trailer park sure did come a long way! I never dreamed I’d be able to see the world. I remember sitting in my room in high school day dreaming about all the places I would go and the people I would meet…… my camera has opened up so many opportunities I would have never dreamed of. I’ve met some of my best friends because of it…and for that, I will always be grateful!

Below is a mix of random images from my big girl camera and iphone of our trip….. enjoy!

cali-2942This was an awesome experience! The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway rotates 360 degrees as it travels up a 10 minute ride at the Valley Station – elevation 2,643 ft. and end at the Mountain Station – elevation 8,516 ft. At the top there are breathtaking views of the surrounding towns and a restaurant at the very top where we enjoyed dinner! cali-2950cali-2972cali-3011Exploring downtown Palm Springs, we stopped at the cutest little coffee shop! cali-3022
IMG_0798Oh that! Yeahhh an Oyster Shooter….TOTALLY not a fan! cali-3138The cliffs at La Jolla….absolutely gorgeous! Photos don’t do it justice! cali-3144cali-3157Views of La Jolla, California.cali-3165
IMG_0838IMG_0844This restaurant was amazing-George’s at the Cove!! Not only was the food delicious but do you see those views from our table! We enjoyed a gorgeous open aired lunch before heading to the Hotel del Coronado!

IMG_0847…and then we went to the Beach at Hotel del Coronado! It was my first time at the Pacific Ocean!


cali-3253I snagged this image of the hotel’s elevator operator on our way to explore the hotel. The elevator was a piece of art work all on it’s own. It’s original to the building which is a Victorian seaside resort, built in the 1880s. It has served as a playground for sixteen U.S. presidents and countless celebrities, such as Charles Lindbergh, Thomas Edison,Babe Ruth, Wallis Simpson, Jack Dempsey and Orville Redenbacher….and Marilyn Monroe frolicked the beaches in the film “Some Like it Hot” back in 1958.

cali-3243My first time at the Pacific Ocean! It was too cold to swim….but my toes touched the water! haha! I’m so jealous of all the local photographers!!

cali-3270We sat on the deck watching the sun set….it was my first Pacific Sunset…and trust me, it didn’t dissapoint. We sat sipping drinks and laughing into the darkness!

cali-3278IMG_0869I mean look at those views!!!

cali-3294This view would NEVER get old! I can see why people flock to these beaches!

cali-3308And then we ventured to downtown Hollywood. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be! We see all the glitz and glamour in movies, but the reality is, it reminds me of every other town in the US…..equipped with street art and homelessness.  I took the bottom right picture to show you that the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame…’s real life. cali-3317IMG_0898They left this star blank…..for me! haah!

IMG_0919cali-3358Visiting the TLC Chinese Theatre was probably one of the highlights of the Hollywood adventures… was surreal seeing the signatures and handprints of some of the most iconic people in Hollywood.

cali-3399Superman was on his break!  haha!

IMG_0953Next up….Rodeo Drive!!!

We had dinner at The Blvd at the Wilshire…..again….absolutely amazing food!



You guys…..we stayed at The Wilshire!! The hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed right on Rodeo Drive….WHAT?! Ohh and that…is the Hollywood sign! I got to cross that off of my bucket list!!

IMG_0947And of course we had to go to Rodeo Drive!! Funny story…a women on Rodeo Drive stopped me to tell me she LOOOVED my earrings……if she only knew they were from Walmart! hahaha!

IMG_1008IMG_1011A few iphone photos of the Wilshire before headed out to Joshua Tree National Park.

IMG_1018IMG_1026IMG_1039On the road again…we drove thru Windmill City! It was surreal to see THOUSANDS of them up so close! The largest windmills on the property produce enough power for 2,000 homes which would be comparable to a mid-size nuclear reactor.

IMG_1041IMG_1044And then we found a VW Bus……of course we made friends with the owner and I got to sit in it for a photo!

IMG_1049The Joshua Tree National Park was amazing! It’s one of the only places in the world (other than Jerusalem) where the Joshua Tree’s Grow!

IMG_1057Ohhh hey Josh!

cali-3587IMG_1064When exploring Joshua Tree, I got a sense of what it might have felt like back in the dino days! I can see why people travel here to go rock climbing.

IMG_1074IMG_1092Our very last night before catching our flight in the morning….we danced the evening away! It was the perfect end to an amazing weekend with amazing friends! I can’t wait to see where our next adventure takes us…and ohhh the memories we will make!



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