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Jillian + Justin | Blairsville, PA Wedding

By August 31, 2015 3 Comments

I know they’ve been waiting so patiently for a little peek into their wedding images! Jillian was- hands down- one of the most excited and giddy brides ever in the history of brides! haha! It was adorable watching how excited she was to get ready because she knew that in a few hours she was going to get to see her husband for the first time! She was bubbling over the seams with joy and I loved that I got to be part of that!
Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerA few last minute preparations before getting on the dress.
Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerI loved watching her Mom admire her all day! Funny thing is, now that Jillian’s wedding is over, they are preparing to plan ANOTHER wedding for her sister Becca…I get to photograph that wedding too! That poor family gets stuck with me a second time! muah ha ha ha!Jones-4410Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerBlairsville PA Wedding PhotographerBecause we were able to schedule in some “play time”, we were able to take some time to focus on just the bride for some gorgeous shots! I love these classic images!…Blairsville PA Wedding Photographer…and in all her excitement, we had to twirl the dress. I love the flowy fabric! Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerDad seeing his baby girl for the first time! It gets me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!
Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerBlairsville PA Wedding PhotographerShe is so beautiful!Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerThese shots were during the first look. You get to see both her face and his face when they first seen each other <3Blairsville PA Wedding Photographer“We both went to the same school ever since preschool but we never actually talked to each other. When we were in high school, we sat together at lunch but we were more acquaintances then friends. “- Jillian
In college Jillian’s best friend got engaged to Justin’s best friend and we were both in the wedding party. Jillian was the maid of honor and Justin was a groomsman.
Then Justin decided to randomly ask Jillian to go bowling and the rest is history. Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerBlairsville PA Wedding PhotographerI told you she was SO EXCITED!!  Also a special thanks to the Founders Gallery in Blairsville PA for allowing us to photograph outside of their building! Such awesome folks who run the Founders Gallery…and to make it extra special, this is where Jillian and her girls went for their bachelorette party to do paintings…and then displayed them at the reception! Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerBlairsville PA Wedding PhotographerGreg grabbed this shot…I love little details!
Blairsville PA Wedding PhotographerI can’t wait to show you some of their portraits…..a few of them are among my all time favorites…but that’s for a whole other blog! 🙂


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