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real life-behind the scenes: first day of 5th grade

By August 26, 2015 3 Comments

This year was different, she was still really excited the night before and even went to be early, but she woke up this morning with-I don’t know-more confidence! She knew it was her last day “first day” of the elementary school! I look forward to this day also because I have been photographing the “first day of school” since the very beginning! I have blog posts (which you can see below) clear back to Kindergarten. It’s so awesome to watch her grow up thru those posts…and even know as I post these images, I know she’s going to grow up between now and the last day of school. *sigh*….I have a 5th Grader!

1st day of Kindergarten

1st day of 1st Grade
1st day of 2nd Grade
1st Day of 3rd Grade
1st Day of 4th Grade

5th grade-3828In the year’s past, she had gotten up WAY before the alarm has gone off…this year was a little different…. I can tell she’s turning into a little mini teenager-we had to wake her up! Imagine her thoughts when her Mom was standing there with the camera in her face! hahaha! Some day she’s going to appreciate this..but I know my days are numbered where I can get away with it! haha! 5th grade-3833She had her outfit layed out for days….well except the shoes. Grandma took her shopping for those just yesterday! 5th grade-3839Real life……the shot on the right of her standing at the sink, I have this same shot throughout all the years. She use to have to stand on a stool. 5th grade-3852Fixing her hair…..because as you know, the hair is very important! haha! 5th grade-38595th grade-3863I jumped in to help her straighten it! It’s a first day of school tradition! 5th grade-3884Spraying her “perfume”! Tee he he! 5th grade-3898Making sure she’s got everything packed for her lunch….she’s very particular with how it’s placed in her lunch box……she takes after her mother! haha! 5th grade-3903I have shots similar to these ones almost every single year! Not much has changed in terms of decorations…but her height has sky rocketed over the years! 5th grade-39075th grade-3917Watching her cartoons before heading out to catch the bus! Honeycombs……one of her favorites!5th grade-3926Her bookbag, her shirt AND her lunch box…all have “M’s” 5th grade-3938A few Gracie snuggles5th grade-39535th grade-4012Gracie got her hair cut (basically scalped) a few days ago, so it’s funny looking at her photos from the past few years when she was more “fluffy”. 5th grade-3986Because you just HAVE to get a few with Mom and Dad! 5th grade-3993After we got the Mom and Dad shots, she asked us if we could go inside! hahaha! 5th grade-3998
5th grade-4042And…..she’s off! I can’t wait to hear all about it when she gets home!



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