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first day of 3rd grade | jen mcken, photographer

By August 30, 2013 5 Comments

As the first week of school comes to an end here in South Western, PA- I can’t believe how much she’s grown just from last year’s post (here). She’s a whole year older and I can just tell how much she’s matured since then. I’ve been documenting the first day of school ever since she was in Kindergarten and now that she’s in the big bad 3rd grade, she knows I’ll be photographing her during her morning routine…..and some day she’ll be thankful I’ve annoyed her all of those mornings growing up! <3

But this year……we have a new memory…a funny one at that, but we’ll get to that in a minute!

She has her very own alarm clock now …and she was so excited to get up for the first day that she woke up almost 30 minutes before Greg or I got up. By the time I rolled out of bed, she already had herself dressed and was brushing her hair!

The coolest thing from looking back at last year’s images, she is now tall enough that she doesn’t need the step stool!

Ok, so this is where the funny part starts. She asks me if I could straighten her hair and even though it’s raining outside and I know that it won’t stay straight, I agree….I mean it ISSSSS the first day of school!! So I start parting her hair in sections (as if I know what I’m doing) and as I get to the front part……….

*GASP* I notice there’s something missing…….like a HUGE CHUNK of something missing! So I ask her, “Mallory, did you cut your hair?”. She says no…so I ask her again, “Mallory are you SUREEEEE you didn’t cut your hair?”. She’s silent. So I said, “Mallory, I’m not going to be mad, but you need to tell me the truth.” She starts tearing up and says “Yes…….but it’s way shorter than I thought it would be!”. So we had to do hair surgery and find a headband to cover up the boo boo! AFTER of course we got a good laugh and I made her stand for a picture so that I could show it to here when she’s 21! haha! We managed to get past the  stage when typically kids cut their hair….until the day BEFORE 3rd grade! So needless to say, this year was a memorable one….and I see lots of hairbands in our future! hahaha!

…downstairs she goes to eat breakfast……

….where we laugh again about her “hair cut”……

And since it’s raining we wait inside as long as possible watching for the bus……

**sniff sniff**…..she’s getting so old!

And the obligatory last shot…..her in the bus window! haha! <3

I hope all of you other mama’s got lots of pictures on your children’s first day of school <3 Here’s to many evenings of homework….I am NOT smarter than a 3rd grader! hahaha!





  • Mindy Rolle says:

    Oh my goodness! I think most parents have that experience with their child/children at one point or another. When my daughter was 4 we left her with my parents while we ran some errands and when we cane back she had cut off half of her hair right below the ear!! Apparently, she snuck scissors and then went under the table and snip, snip, snip! Of course, I took tons of photos! 🙂
    Your daughter will love all of the back to school photos when she is older! Thanks for sharing your life and your beautiful photos with the rest of us! (Yes, I use !!! way too much!)

  • Alison Doute Harris says:

    Awwww…that’s precious Jen! Loved reading your post! 🙂

  • Kimberly Roddy Phillips says:

    ADORABLE! And she’s totally rockin’ that headband. 🙂

  • Ariana Jaquysh Cohen says:

    So sweet! As I tried to get a picture of my 3rd grader he said “Mom, you’re being annoying”, stuck his tongue out (which I “captured”) then zipped his shark hoodie all the way up so I couldn’t get a picture of his face….

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