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1st day of 2nd grade | jen mcken, photographer

By August 30, 2012 6 Comments

She’s SOOOO going to kill me some day! Excuse me while I wear my “mommy goggles!” for just a minute. haha! Just like most of you, my daughter started school this week……and I went all “ninja” taking pictures of her. I can’t help myself!

I’ve been doing this whole “documenting the first day” since she’s been in Kindergarten and this year…..she’s going into 2nd grade! I wake up before her and go all “ninja” taking pictures while she’s sleeping and then follow her around like a crazy person while she gets ready. Yes, I do put the camera down every once in a while to help out…but pretty much I just follow her around. I know I won’t be able to get away with it for very much longer as she gets older…but I’m going to hang on as long as I can! haha!

Here’s the post from kindergarten and 1st grade…….

This is the “thing”…you know “that thing” that she’s attached to. She takes it with her when she spends the night anywhere, she’s had it since she was born and it’s seen better days…but it’s her “thing”. His name is Teddy…..although, he’s a hippo!  I tried to wake her up the first time, she just rolled over. Then she heard the camera clicks and pulled Teddy over her face!

She had her outfit picked out from the night before…….she’s my little Punky Bruster. She loves things that don’t match and she loves mixing patterns! I fight my battles…the girl is fully clothed so her teacher will eventually get used to her crazy outfits. Self expression never hurt anyone! haha!

At this point, we were running behind. Greg was going to make her pancakes…..but Fruit Loops will have to do. Nothing like a sugar rush to start the day!

We have taken her picture at this chalk board for the past two years…this year was no different!

A little snuggle time with Gracie while waiting for the bus….

See…..she’s my Punky Bruster!


I know this is SOOOO CLICHE…but seriously…where has the time gone?!


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