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By September 7, 2010 6 Comments


I’m going  put on my mommy goggles as I say “Where did the flippen time go?!

My daughter ( my itty bitty born at only 1.12 ounces, the same girl we were told may not “live”,  the one who stayed behind the growing curve for Ever……literally my miracle baby) started Kindergarten today! Where ohhh where did the time go? You know, I use to HATE when people said, “Ohhhhhh my, I remember when you were only THIS high”….but I’m jumping on the band wagon here. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? I mean, it seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant (thank you Italy trip…tee he he), it seems like only weeks ago that she was born a heavy weight champion at just over 1 pound and spent MONTHS in the hospital where we spent everyday not knowing whether this was her last day, it seems like only months ago that she started walking….and now, book bag in hand she marches up the school bus steps.

I watched her bus drive away as she waved at me thru the tinted window……It was THEN that it hit me. I had literally spent most of her life “waiting & wishing” for her to get older. I mean, when she was a baby, I couldn’t wait until she would sleep thru the night, I couldn’t wait until she started walking, I couldn’t wait until she could dress herself, I couldn’t wait until she could talk so she could tell me whats wrong, I couldn’t wait until X, Y, Z and now we are waiting for the Kindergarten bus…. < insert sad face >Now, I’m left looking for the rewind button….or the remote for that fact. (I mean the fast forward button would come in handy for a few things as well). But really, I would just love to have a slow motion button.

What was her reaction? “It’s only Kindergarten Mom” . I mean it was ‘no big deal’ to her and although I did not cry, I’ll admit, inside, my stomach was in knots. This is only the beginning and while she still has a good 12 more years to go thru school (plus college)…..I’m going to refresh the batteries in my remote and have my finger on the slow motion button. 🙂 Now, only if there was a “clean your room and do your homework button” I’d really be in business!!!!

And yes…before you even ask,  I most certainly  did stalk her at the bus stop and before we left the house ( ok ok…and while she was eating her cereal this morning) ….I mean, do you really think I’d have it any other way!! Tee he he.




  • Amanda says:

    Ok so I got all the way to the bottom of this post and when I saw the little hand on the bus window I almost burst into tears.

    I have a sort of funny story about my own first day of kindergarten over 20 years ago. My mom stood at the bus stop with us until literally ninth grade. Then she stalked us from the kitchen window because the bus stopped at the end of our driveway. My first day of kindergarten my mom put me on the bus and then without my knowledge, leaped in the car and followed the bus all the way to to elementary school where she stalker-parked at the curb and watched me get off the bus and go inside the building. And then apparently that afternoon she came back to the school and watched me get on the bus and followed the bus back towards our house. Meanwhile I was on the bus with the bigger kids now because it was the end of the day and when the bus driver got near my house I was too shy and scared to stand up and walk to the front while the bus was moving. AND SINCE MY MOM WAS NOT STANDING IN OUR DRIVEWAY (BECAUSE SHE WAS THE CREEPER FOLLOWING THE BUS IN HER CAR) the bus driver drove right past my house. And as I watched my mailbox getting smaller and disappearing out of sight I started to cry in the bus seat because I knew something was wrong and I wasn’t going home anymore. Meanwhile my mom was flipping out in the car – chased the school bus for a mile and then whipped around him and cut him off all police chase style effectively pulling over the school bus. Then she marched up to the door and demanded to know where I was, the bewildered bus driver looked for me and handed me over crying to my irate and terrified mother. And that was my first day of kindergarten. I remember how relieved I was to see my mom. After that day, mom never ever missed a day standing in the driveway waiting for the bus. And Ken, our bus driver, never ever forgot where I lived. In fact he drove me home everyday from the first day of kindergarten until the last day of sixth grade when I went to the junior high and he did the same for my younger brother and sister. As a matter of fact, he still drives the elementary school bus that rumbles past my house every morning and afternoon STILL TODAY. I think he must have been driving the bus for over 30 years now…

  • Mike Burns says:


    This is awesome. Abby is only 19 months and I feel your pain. We couldn’t wait for her to hold her own bottle, sleep through the night, crawl, walk… all those things too. The one thing that is for certian is we can not slow down, fast forward time but with us we have a gift. We as photographers can stop time, and you have done that perfectly!


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