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My life feels like total randomness lately……maybe it’s just me adjusting from vacation and playing catch up on emails, phone calls and other requests. If you know me…..I mean REALLY know me, you already know that I’m a total random person anyways…….. but multiply it by 100 this week. THESE are the types of things that go thru my head at any given time…….

* Today, I received an email with a bazillion !!!! and a bunch of 🙂 🙂 and ended with XOXOXO. I’m thinking I will make this a prerequisite to those who are emailing me from now on.

* Lately, I’ve been so exhausted that all I want to so is eat and sleep and then right when I’m about to drop a piece of chocolate in my mouth…. one of those DARN diet commercials comes on TV making me feel guilty.

* Today, I forgot to put on my mascara before heading to work. I felt naked all day long. It’s very similar to the feeling I get when I forget to wear underwear…….JUST JOKING PEOPLE!!!

* While blow drying my hair this morning, I had the urge to go dump a cup of water on Greg while he was sleeping…..for. no. reason. HAHA! Love you babe!

* I really want a lime green car golf cart……with spinning rims. Just sayin

* I think spell check is out to get me…..and to embarrass me. It “auto” corrects things for me that shouldn’t be. I spelled Assistant wrong and it put ASS Tent instead. FAIL!

* Whenever someone says “Worcestershire Sauce” I have to repeat it…..then I laugh. I’m so weird!

* Happy Hump Day……I just learned the REAL meaning of that phrase a few years ago. I’m clearly behind the learning curve…but I liked my version better!! ………………………..WHAT???—–I thought camels were cute!! HAHAHA

* Anytime I hear someone complain, I really want to say: Wahh Wahh WAHHHHHHHHH!

* I’m full of nonsense and useless facts. Do you know that all major league baseball umpires must wear black undewear while on the job! There…now you know the answer isn’t tighy whiteys!! HAHA

*…..and I paint Poodles.

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