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1st day of 4th grade | i’m THAT mom

By August 27, 2014 2 Comments

Imagine that it’s still pitch dark and you wake up with someone’s eyeball in your face! haha! Yep, that was Mallory this morning! She was so excited for the first day of school that she (attempted) to go to bed early but rest assured she couldn’t sleep but it didn’t stop her from being up BEFORE the crack of dawn! All I saw was the white of her eye. It wasn’t even 6am when she was tapping me on the heading telling me she was going to start getting ready! Good grief! I’m pretty sure this won’t last…I mean, just wait until she starts to get the homework-all the excitement will wear off! haha! But I’m thankful none the less that she likes school…and I can only hope that THAT lasts!

I’ve been photographing her first day of school since kindergarden! Each year I put together a book and I don’t care how old she gets or if she thinks it’s “too uncool”, I will get these books every year dammit! haha!

Here are some of the other years:

1st day of Kindergarden
1st day of 1st Grade
1st day of 2nd Grade
1st Day of 3rd Grade

1st day of 4th grade-21

I’ve said it before….someday she is going to appreciate that I’ve taken these! I mean, if you get the chance to click back thru the other links I posted above, you can see just how big she’s grown. She use to need a bench to stand on in order to see the mirror. :-/

1st day of 4th grade-26

Little Miss Independent…..and I have to mention, she LOOOVED this shirt because of the back.

1st day of 4th grade-251st day of 4th grade-27

Ya know, you gotta listen to music while you get ready-right?!

1st day of 4th grade-29

And yes…..I let her wear mascara-it’s the only thing I allow! Go ahead-judge me! haha! She’s at the state where she’s fascinated with makeup…so in an effort to show her how to PROPERLY wear it without looking like MIMI, it’s the only thing I allow (at least in public!)

1st day of 4th grade-30

Tee he he!

1st day of 4th grade-32

Double checking the outfit to see if she still likes it from 5 minutes ago! haha!

1st day of 4th grade-331st day of 4th grade-35

Every other year, she’s had cereal….she told me this morning, that cereal is for the little kids-not 4th graders. Then on the way out the door she asked me if I could pick up some Fruity Pebbles at Walmart today! haha!

1st day of 4th grade-381st day of 4th grade-40

I have the same exact photo from every year! She always writes on the board!

1st day of 4th grade-411st day of 4th grade-45

Then it was head outside to wait for the bus!

1st day of 4th grade-47

Gracie saying goodbye!

1st day of 4th grade-481st day of 4th grade-521st day of 4th grade-55

*sniff sniff! I just can’t believe how the years have flown by. BOO!

1st day of 4th grade-60

I got this Mom! I can’t wait to hear all about it when she gets home! I’m sure she’ll have a bowl of Fruity Pebbles! haha!


  • Tabitha Mackey says:

    I always get a picture of my daughters in front of the tree in our yard. Its funny mascara is the only thing I will not let my just turned 12 year old wear, but I do not let her out of the house with any make up on. Unless we are doing a photo shoot and make up is required for the look. I may have to let her wear mascara now. 🙂

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