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2015 Breakfast with Santa recap | Chestnut Ridge Resort | Blairsville, PA

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This year went so smoothly! I mean, there were a TON of people, but in terms of getting to sit on Santa’s lap, I think things went rather smoothly-I got a few laughs and I’m happy to report, we only had roughly 16 criers out of the roughly 200 kids. We did however have a few sleepers… was adorable! I am so incredibly grateful to be involved in this event every year. Not only do I get to see a lot of my clients each year, but each of you that bring a gift to for the toy drive are so incredibly generous AND let’s be honest, the staff is fantastic! One thing the public doesn’t know is that Chestnut Ridge doesn’t even do this to make a profit, they literally break even every year just to hold this event for the community. I know a lot of people have NO IDEA what goes on behind the scenes to make this event even happen, but I am blown away how everyone works together to make it successful each year. It’s grown so much over the many years I started to become involved. I remember shooting the photos the first year in the down stairs restaurant with roughly 30 people and all these years later there are roughly 400 people in attendance with another 300-400 on the waiting list….someone’s doing something right! Kudo’s to the staff! 🙂
So of course,  had to pull out a few of my favorites from this past weekend. I usually do this the Monday after, and here it is on Wednesday-Man, I”m slacking! haha!

Breakfast with Santa 2015-0229

First up…the staff! They work their tails off for this event! Some of them you see out on the floor and some of them are behind the scenes!

Breakfast with Santa 2015-8883Breakfast with Santa 2015-8865I’ll call these photos: The Calm Before the Storm! haha! Breakfast with Santa 2015-9428Breakfast with Santa 2015-9851Get ready for some cuteness!!! The little girl on the right fell asleep! so stinkin cute! Breakfast with Santa 2015-9462He wasn’t quite sure if he liked Santa so he handed him the list from afar! haha!Breakfast with Santa 2015-9771

Breakfast with Santa 2015-0252

Breakfast with Santa 2015-9673Checking over their lists! Breakfast with Santa 2015-9388Breakfast with Santa 2015-9080This one cracks me up…she didn’t sit on Santa’s lap and she couldn’t get out of there fast enough! Breakfast with Santa 2015-9018This one is my all time favorite shot… I a horrible person because the crying ones are always my favorite! One is sleeping and one is crying! haha! Breakfast with Santa 2015-0218That’s Miss Mallory in the left, man, she’s getting big! Breakfast with Santa 2015-9930I mean, seriously….how cute!?Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.16.45 PM copyAnd if you follow me on Instagram (jenmcken) you may have already seen these shots! We ended up collecting over 125 toys for the toy drive. You guys have no idea how much this means to me! Having been on the receiving end of the toy drives grown up, you made my Christmas a little brighter. I know you never get to hear thank you from the people who get the gifts because often times they are anonymous…so on behalf of all the anonymous people who will be receiving them THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH! Mwuah!!!

And a big Congrats to Lyn and Matthew Black who won the free photo session! I can’t wait to work with you guys!!


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