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dinky little 8×10’s | choosing the correct size image for your walls

By January 12, 2016 No Comments

Excuse the grainy cell phone photo but I was so excited to show these off before my client picks them off and wisps them away! Often times client order 8×10 prints hoping to hang them on the walls….and I’d be lying if I didn’t cringe a bit. I’d hardly consider an 8×10 sufficient to hang on the walls…it looks so dinky. 8×10’s and smaller are suitable for a frame on a shelf but not on the walls!  I love when clients order BIG prints to hang on their walls, it becomes a focal point in the home and it really catches your attention! These 20×30 and 16×24 prints are going to look amazing on my clients walls. They are planning to have them framed and I can not wait to see what they look like displayed the way they should be!

jen mcken wall display prints

Just to give you a little perspective on how small an 8×10 is hanging on a wall compared to other sizes…take a look-see at this!

wall display sampleIf you need help with ordering the correct size to give your home a WOW factor, I’d be happy to help! Let’s end this 8×10 epidemic and get your images BIG up on your walls! HAHAHAA!


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