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If you haven’t had a chance to check this joint out….you should! Three friends have transformed 5,500 sq ft of the old Gorell Window manufacturing plant in Indiana County, PA into a very cool space to brew, serve and enjoy beer.  This is the most direct access to fresh beer in the county. Customers (including the Bride, Groom and entire Wedding Party) enjoyed a wide variety of drafts on site-Levity Brewing Company. levity brewing company wedding photos indiana pa

The bride and groom got quite the welcome when entering Levity Brewing on their wedding day! First things first….where’s the drinks! ahaha!

Luchinsky -7792I love this shot! I just love how industrial the inside of Levity is so I had to get a ceiling shot! levity brewing company wedding photos indiana paI mean….I love that wood wall!!! levity brewing company wedding photos indiana paIf your relationship had a theme, what would it be?
” Food and Drinks
He looovves to cook and is very good at it (and I love to eat! :)). We sometimes cook together. I got him “foodie dice” for Valentines day this year so we could roll the dice that each have a different food category (meat, veggie, spice, etc.) and cooking method; go find the food at the store and then cook it together. We both love to try new types of food both at home and in restaurants. We love wine and I like to pair it with the foods he makes. He introduced me to craft beer and I love it. When we aren’t making our own we love sampling different ones from breweries. “- Sarahlevity brewing company wedding photos indiana palevity brewing company wedding photos indiana paA few shots of the guys…..they were a rowdy bunch and I loved it! levity brewing company wedding photosTell us a few things about each other that other people might not know:

Sarah: 1. I don’t know how to swim, I am currently taking lessons so I will feel more comfortable in water on our honeymoon in Jamaica.
2. Love dogs – allergic to them. Hate cats – not allergic.
3. I used to have a pet snake.

Craig: 1. He did a shot with Luke Bryan @ CMA fest in Nashville and didn’t even know who he was. (I’m jealous of this! haha)
2. He traveled to Trinidad to speak at a conference. This was his first trip to another country (scary but cool)
3. He built a computerized home brewery.levity brewing company wedding photosCHEERS!!! levity brewing company wedding photosThe whole gang! levity brewing company wedding photosTell us a funny story about the two of you:
” We exchanged numbers the first night we met because I had a computer problem (convenient excuse ;))When I took my computer to his house to have him fix it he told me he couldn’t find anything wrong it (my problem was that I had clicked on something and it changed the whole layout of my browser and there was a weird symbol I was convinced was from a virus). When I got home I tried to use my DVD/CD drive and it didn’t work, even though it was fine before. I was very skeptical of his proclaimed computer profession and had a suspicion that he actually broke my computer instead of fixing it. I was wrong of course! “- Sarahlevity brewing company wedding photosI wish more Brides and Grooms would think outside the box and go somewhere the MEANT something on their wedding day. I had so much fun shooting there and I think we got lots of fun wedding shots because of it! <3

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  • John Ickes says:

    Just played bagpipes at a wedding waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the beaten path in rural Virginia. It was a great, great setting and made for a very memorable event. In fact, the only thing that was missing was this photographer I know …

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