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behind the scenes: jen shoots pregnant | 37 weeks

By July 11, 2016 No Comments

I think people envision it being sooooo glamorous all the time. They see pretty fields of flowers, gorgeous puffy clouds and bright colors…..but they don’t realize we were standing beside dumpsters, kneeling in who knows what and bending our bodies into yoga poses to “get the shot”. I thought this would be a fun blog post to show you that it’s not all “glamorous” at all….but it’s ohhh soo much fun! I should also mention, I shot this session when I was 37 weeks pregnant on one of the most humid summer days, while walking around Pittsburgh’s Strip District looking for fun little nooks and crannies. I brought Greg with me since I had to drive over an hour to get there and I wanted to have him there JUSSSSSSST in-case the baby decided to make an appearance on the parkway! haha!

If you’re interested in seeing the ACTUAL shots from their shoots, view them here.

behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3753As you can see by the look on my face, I’m pretty serious about my “posing”! haha! behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3755Sometimes I play frogger and dodge cars in back alleys of the city-no big deal. behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3761Greg was the lookout for when cars were coming.

behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3780behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3787behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3824behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3831behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3846behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3940Also, I carry bags…not just my camera bag, but people’s bags like their purses….ain’t no body got time to edit out someone’s purse! haha! behind the scenes- jen's pregnant 37 weeks-3961See it’s soo glamorous as I’m standing on garbage and near the dumpsters…..but damnit I love every second of it!!

A few other random shots from weddings and senior sessions!

jen mcken pregnant photographer

And even though I look like a creeper in this shot, I’m usually smiling behind the camera!

jen mcken pregnant photographer

I love this photo from a few months ago at a wedding in Pittsburgh. I get to hang out with happy people every single weekend! haha!

Thanks to Lynn for the photo below at a recent senior session for Morgan! jen mcken pregnant photographer

Soooo, here I am all caught up on editing, shooting and meetings with clients just waiting around for him to arrive. I’m such a *doer* that this waiting game is killing me-mostly because I”m not sure I ever really learned to “relax”! haha!! I’m actually excited and looking forward to getting back to shooting. I love that I have a job I look forward to and it doesn’t feel like “work”. And if what they say is true about babies being able to hear in the womb, this kid should pop out knowing how to work a camera! hahaha!

AND…I feel fantastic, so if anyone wants a last minute shoot (knowing of course that *IT* could happen at any time) and wants to shoot in the next several weeks while I’m “waiting”……..get in touch with me! I’m anxious!!! haha! In the meantime, I’ll be floating on a raft in the pool! haha


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