madi | senior at bishop mccort high school | johnstown, pa

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I’m not even gonna lie, I white knuckled it the entire drive to this location…in other words I pulled a “greg”. For those of you who know my other half Greg well enough, you know he’s infamous for running out of gas because he likes to press the limits. haha! Well when I got in the car to drive out to the middle of no where (small town USA), I didn’t realize I was almost out of gas after I had already driven past a gas station MANY miles back……’s a good ending! I found a gas station along the way-THANK GOD and it was one of those ones that you didn’t even have to get out! The gas station attendant came out to pump the gas for me-WHAT!!?! They still exist!  Any-who, super friendly kid who lived in the area and was so nice! I ended up tipping the fella $20 because I didn’t have any other bills! haha! But I didn’t even care-I didn’t run out of gas and I didn’t have to hear Greg rub it in……because I certainly don’t let him live his little gas outages down! haha! You city folks may not understand when you have a gas station at every intersection from your home, when you live and drive around small town with corn fields, farms and dirt roads….a gas station just doesn’t appear when you want it to like a mirage in the distance! haha! But I wouldn’t change it for anything-I love small town life!

I love being a small town photographer….there’s just something about the small town, country shoots that I love…especially when we have amazing light! It was hot….NO-It was HOT AND HUMID but you’d never know. She even rocked long sleeves! We shot at a location that she choose which just also happens to be the place she spends lots of her time….and it was absolutely gorgeous and despite the humidity, the weather was perfect-I mean the lighting was to die for!

She graduates from Bishop McCort High School in Johnstown, PA and she LOOVES horses-especially Cora!

Madi, I hope you love these as much as I do! And for those of you wandering…YES those are the real skies, there was no photoshopping on these images. BOOM!




saltsburg pa senior photos-horse barn senior photosThe camera obviously loved her!
saltsburg pa senior photos-horse barn senior photosBecause sometimes, you have to pull out the off camera flash! When choosing your photographer, make sure they understand lighting…….enough to shoot in ANY conditions…..and when it gets dark!saltsburg pa senior photos-horse barn senior photos

GORGEOUSNESS!! Her eyes, her hair and she is so insanely sweet! She put up with my loud and rambunctious personality the whole time! haha!

saltsburg pa senior photos-horse barn senior photosIt’s like a fairytale! <3

saltsburg pa senior photos-horse barn senior photosI feel like I was on the show “America’s Next Top Model”! It’s like she was meant to be in front of the camera!
saltsburg pa senior photos-horse barn senior photos

I have to say, I am in LOVE with this shot. It’s not your typical “senior portrait” but I think that’s why I love it so much! I feel like this belongs BIG up on someone’s wall! <3

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