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She was a little more reluctant this year…if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that I’m “THAT MOM” who has been photographing Mallory’s first day of school every year since Kindergarten. I always get teary eyed while looking back at all those past years. I LITERALLY feels like it was yesterday. The first day of Kindergarten was literally YESTERDAY! I am SOOO thankful I have these photos…and someday I’m sure she will too. “Mom….I’m getting too old for this!” That’s what she told me! I informed her that I don’t care and that I’m going to photograph the first day of school until she goes to college…and then in college, I will hang out like a ninja in the bushes and get photos of her if I have to!

This year was a little different though..she’s getting older, taller, more mature….and it makes me so sad and so proud all at the same time.  Also, she had to get up an hour extra early which means it was dark outside…*gasp* she had to get up before the sun comes up! I know I have my mommy goggles on right now, but she really is a great kid. I’m proud of the little lady she has become. I’m not naive, I know Middle School means we’re in for heartbreak, gossip, catty teenage arguments…and all the “stuff” that comes with pre-teens and teenagers at this stage in their life…and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’m ready. I’m not ready for her to get off the bus in tears, I’m not ready for her to have heartbreak, I’m not ready for her to experience the harshness of the world…but I know it’s a matter of time before these things happen-it’s part of life I guess. All I can do hope that everything we have taught her up to this point will guide her the right direction. This parenting thing is hard damnit! And to think-she’s only going into Middle School….I’ll be a hot mess when she goes into high school in three years…but you bet your sweet ass I’ll be there to document it with my camera, because, I’m THAT MOM! <3

These are rare photos of a pre-teen in their natural habitat! haha!

First Day of Kindergarten
First Day of 1st Grade
First Day of 2nd Grade
First Day of 3rd Grade
First Day of 4th Grade
First Day of 5th Grade

And here we are…..first day of 6th grade. I have a middle school student! WHAT!!

1st day of 6th grade-2016-9381I woke up before her ….and it’s a good thing because she never heard the alarm going off! She would have been late on the first day of school! haha1st day of 6th grade-2016-93861st day of 6th grade-2016-9399I have a photo of her standing in this same spot from every year…from a stool, to tip toes, to this…….it makes me want to cry. 1st day of 6th grade-2016-9421Obviously, the organizational gene that I have didn’t take affect with her just yet……a rare view inside of a pre-teen’s natural habitat! haha!1st day of 6th grade-2016-94181st day of 6th grade-2016-94411st day of 6th grade-2016-94461st day of 6th grade-2016-94511st day of 6th grade-2016-9459She was excited that she packed her lunch around noon the day before! haha! 1st day of 6th grade-2016-9476Breakfast! Her taste in morning breakfast has changed over the years too! haha!1st day of 6th grade-2016-94801st day of 6th grade-2016-9481Here’s something a little different from year’s past……Greg was on baby duty the morning of school so that I could take photos.

1st day of 6th grade-2016-9500Her and those converse shoes….she loves them and wears them everywhere! <3

1st day of 6th grade-2016-9522The annual shot with Gracie.

1st day of 6th grade-2016-9542AND did you really think I wasn’t going to have her take some photos with her brother!! He doesn’t look too amused by the first day of school thing. Little does he know….he’sssssss next! MUAH HA HA HA!

1st day of 6th grade-2016-95371st day of 6th grade-2016-9561Waiting for the bus…

1st day of 6th grade-2016-9577“Mom, stop taking photos, I’m just walking across the street!”-Mallory

1st day of 6th grade-2016-9582And she’s off to the Middle School! One thing I can say about her, she’s always loved school and has been excited about the first day….it makes me feel a little better about sending her off! I hope she has another amazing year! <3


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