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Cooper (the dog) knows certain words like: “walk”, “Jr’s Here”, and “awwwwhhhh”. For some reason, those words get him fired up and and he barks like crazy so they have to spell things out when we talk in front of him. That just cracks me up….just like a human child! <3

Mike always wanted a German Shepard since he was a little boy…..and all those years later, along came Cooper! The story is really adorable actually-let’s just say Cooper chose Mike, not the other way around!


Rebecca and Mike wanted more photos with their fur baby since the only other professional ones they had with him were from a studio shot many years ago! I hung out with them a few weeks ago and we got some images of Cooper and his humans!

dog loveAnd in case you were wandering….Cooper is such a daddy’s boy! 🙂

German shepherd dog and his human…but he loves his mama too! <3fall photos with dogeskimo kissesdog family photoboy and his dog

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