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I’ve lived here my entire life…I used to play in the field above when I was little. We built cabins in the woods surrounding it and ran thru the cornfields……but I had never been inside.When we were little, we named it the “hershey kiss church” because it had a big gold hershey kiss at the top. When describing where we were, we’d say: “we’ll be playing in the field by the hershey kiss church”….and finally after all of these years, I got to go inside and WOW is it gorgeous. Right in my back yard……

If these two look familiar it’s because YES, they were on the blog earlier in the year-in September to be exact. They were married at Oak Lodge…but this time, they had a ceremony in the Orthodox Church that just happens to be right down the road. Wanna know what I loooooved about this ceremony? Genna literally wore everything that wasn’t hers (well except for the shoes, she wore those in the first ceremony) but the dress is her mom’s and the headpiece she wore during the ceremony was her mother-in-laws. She wore the very dress her mom married her dad in 39 years ago AND she got to have two weddings in one year! <3

genna-adam-orthodox-8741Because they were technically already married, they walked with each other down the aisle. genna-adam-orthodox-8750I love how much culture the church has. s

genna-adam-orthodox-8777…and I love that they have legit candle chandeliers. vowel renewalBubba didn’t get to be at the first ceremony….but she made it to this one! <3

vow renewalThey had roughly 20 people in attendance…it was small and intimate.genna-adam-orthodox-8813genna-adam-orthodox-8836I love the little glances they kept giving each other. genna-adam-orthodox-8848genna-adam-orthodox-8871Look at the details of her mother’s dress.  LOVE!

genna-adam-orthodox-8887orthodox wedding ceremonySymbolizing their first walk as a married couple!

vintage wedding gownHer mom’s wedding dress simple and gorgeous. I love all the lace details and I love that she wore her late Dad’s wedding ring around her neck!  Genna rocked that dress…..I think she made mamma proud! <3 genna-adam-orthodox-9240genna-adam-orthodox-9276Genna’s Mom!!  <3 <3

bride and dogAnd because we had to get a few shots with this furbaby! bride twirlingEvery bride MUST twirl in their wedding dress <3

orthodox wedding ceremonyGenna I am SOOO looking forward to our walks. Now that your wedding season is over and mine is ALMOST over……let’s get to walking!

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