Ligonier Holiday Engagement Session | Rebecca + Cory

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These two are absolutely adorable together!  She is incredibly sweet…and beautiful and Cory…well he isn’t so bad looking himself! 🙂 She chose to have photos in the small town of Ligonier! During the holidays it’s so pretty-I mean, it’s so quaint during the regular seasons but for the holidays it just comes to life. It has adorable little shops on it’s main street and everyone is so incredibly friendly. We walked around town and everyone smiled and said “Merry Christmas”, it was so refreshing! Rebecca and Cory, I can not wait to work with you guys again this coming July!! <3

Tell us how you met!
“Cory and I are 22 years and 21 years old, respectively. We are high school sweethearts, and stayed together through college. We actually met at church! We grew up in the same area and went to the same church, but went to different high schools. We knew of each other and our families knew of each other for most of our lives, but we had never really interacted until about our junior year of high school, when we got thrown together after volunteering to help with a preschool CCD class. He was such a sweet, funny gentleman that I totally fell for him immediately, and it turned out that he had always thought I was cute! We were both pretty shy though, and it took him almost a year to muster up the courage to message me on Facebook, ask for my number, and ask me on a date. We have been inseparable ever since :)”- Rebecca



Tell us a funny story about the two of you:
” Cory and I went to the same church since we were 5. When we first started high school, Cory had a low-key crush on me for a few years (even though we had never spoken, except maybe a random conversation here and there whenever we volunteered for the same activities for youth group). He noticed me to the point that if you ask him even today, he can tell you the phone I had in 9th grade. At the same time, my mom would always ask if I thought Cory Klems was cute, and I would say “ewww no.” HAHA. In my defense, he did have Justin Bieber hair at the time, and I did not know his kind heart. Once he got a nice haircut and I spent some meaningful time with him, I realized he was actually the most handsome guy I had ever met.”-Rebecca

Describe each other using three words:

Cory describing Rebecca: intelligent, funny, cute
Rebecca describing Cory: loyal, sweet, strongI think we are perfect together because…..

“I think our personalities are so alike, but our hobbies are so different. Even when we clash, we somehow mesh so well. It’s hard to explain. We have almost identical personalities: sweet, antisocial, modest, ambitious, disciplined. However, we express our traits in different ways and channel them into different activities. I work incredibly hard in school, while Cory is more of an athlete. While we are similar, we are also complementary.

I also like to think Cory (and his amazing family) make me more relaxed, as I can be high-strung. I believe I make Cory more serious, and together we just make such a strong, amazing team.”- RebeccaCory said “I love you” first during our first Christmas Eve together. In high school I felt like everyone just threw around I love you’s to their significant other at the time because that’s what people did, but I think we both took it really seriously and genuinely meant it. Cory wrote a really meaningful poem in my Christmas card, and that’s how he told me. (I guess I technically am the first one who said it out loud haha.)In twenty years…..” I picture us with at least one kid, and hopefully we have our own camp somewhere. (It’s one of Cory’s dreams to build a small cabin for us to camp in with our families.) I also envision us having date nights, barbeques, watching Steelers games with family and friends and kids, and drinking tea on our porch swing.”- Rebecca

Tell us three random facts about yourselves:

1. I am a Penn State rugby player. (Penn State Men’s Rugby was undefeated this past season!)
2. My favorite colors are green and orange.
3. I’m an excellent cook.

1. I am a hotline crisis counselor for a suicide/venting hotline.
2. I recently took up cycling and yoga, and make an effort to eat extremely healthy and live a primarily pescatarian lifestyle. (My favorite breakfast is an egg white omelette with spinach and mushrooms and cheese!)
3. I’m an only child.

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