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old school holiday truck photos | becca + zachary | 1965 red chevy

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I love a classic photo….the kind that will never go “out of style” and I hate cheesy props….but you give me an old pickup truck and I’m all over that! I guess it helps that Greg is a car guy who happens to collect vintage vehicles + my love for photography and we have a perfect match. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of photos with old school vehicles in the future! 😉

Honestly, it is so nice to be able to talk to someone who shares my love of pickup trucks! Greg actually told me this morning that he has just purchased a brand new bed liner for one of his favorite trucks. You see, a truck liner is one of the most common truck accessories and is usually considered one of the most valuable purchases that you could possibly make!

Moreover, if you plan to have your pickup truck serve you way into the future then it is vital that you invest in a truck bed liner to prevent any damage to the back of your truck. Apparently, Greg was able to find a bed liner for his pickup relatively easily by reading Carlypso’s roll-on liner reviews. Besides, there are so many truck bed liners out there nowadays that choosing the right one can be confusing!

I cannot wait until we can get back out there in our pickup truck with our new truck bed liner! The roads are calling our name… Anyway, enough about Greg for now because Becca and Zachary are baaaaaack…..this time they’ve been married a whole three months! You may remember them from their train station wedding reception I blogged about back in September.

holiday truck playing guitarI love that he brought along the guitar for a few shots….we got a private little concert of our own! <3

holiday truck photosBecca’s eyes are like WHOAH! So blue/green and the scarf was a perfect color!chevy windshieldchevy christmas treesI litter ally gave her the vest off my back! haha! I loooove everything about it! HER EYES!!! pickup sitting hugging<3 <3holiday truckBecca and Zach…thanks for coming to hang out with me again! I hope the married life is treating you well! <3

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