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PA is so wierd. One day it’s 50 degrees and feels like spring, the next it’s bitter cold and then BOOM just like that the temperature drops just enough to get those nice big fluffy snow flakes. The kind that lay heavy on the trees limbs and make it so quiet….except for when you’re walking and can hear the crunch of the snow and snow falling off the branches near by. THAT kind of snow! I had been wanting it to snow forever and since this winter has been so wierd, he hadn’t had any “pretty” winter days yet this year-at least around here! So imagine my excitement when I wake up and look out side and see that FINALLLLLLY the weather men/women weren’t talking out of their bum AND people didn’t run to the store for bread and milk for nothing! haha!

Any ways….this is Morgan! She should look familiar because I shot her senior photos earlier this year! She’ssssss back! Not only did she get ready with less than a 2 hour notice, she willingly stayed out in the cold so that we could get these shots in our secret location -otherwise known as private property! haha

Let’s talk about how gorgeous her eyes are!I love that her scarf is literally the same shade as the trees….totally unplanned.



I love love love this shot! <3

I’m SO HAPPY we got to shoot these while we did…..it was starting to melt and I knew that after a few gusts of wind, the snow wouldn’t lay pretty on the branches anymore!

No fake overlays here…..that’s real snow!

I love the contrast in this image.

I have been so very fortunate this past year to have some amazing seniors. I can NOT wait to see who I get to work with next year!

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