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small town USA family photo session

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Family photos on a farm in small town Pennsylvania

To say I enjoyed photographing this family is an understatement. #1 Did you see their amazing barn in the back #2 the boys are absolutely adorable and #3 they brought pop cycles!

You guys know I grew up in a small town and I LOVE photographing families, weddings and seniors-I just love the small town vibes of the images I am able to create. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy shooting in the city…..but there is just something so carefree and casual about shooting in small towns…..and it reminds me of my childhood!

This is Greg’s 1968 Chevy Pickup Truck …..and yes even though the 4th of July has passed, we can still do shoots with it. Just contact me and we can chat about details.

Meet the Schrecengost Family!


family photos on the bed of a red pickup truck in a field near a barn in blairsville paThere is something so classic about sitting on the tailgate of an old pickup truck laughing with your family!

mom and dad laughing with baby in a field near the barn and a red 1968 chevy pick up truckWeeeee!family tossing child in the air during their family photo session in small town paI love how the sun is peaking behind the barn in these shots.

carefree family photos near a barn and in the countryAhhh to be a child again! They get to grow up on this land…oh the memories they will create!

july 4th photos at the family barn in blairsville pa with the american flagImage on the right: HAWTTTTTT!

married couple laughing on the bed of a vintage pick up truckHey Mom and Dad….you need a photo too! Those booties though! family sitting in a field with a vintage pick up truck and the american flag in blairsville pa
a married couple twirling in the field of a barn near a vintage truckI mean…..we had to!

girl leaning on 1968 red pickup truck with american flagHAYYYYY hot mamma!

child eating popcycle on the hood of a vintage pickup truck.She brought pop cycles…..and it was a ton of messy fun!

family sitting on the tailgate of a pickup trucklittle brother eats popcycle near pickup truck in the barn fieldNOM NOM NOM.

family pictures in the cab of a 1968 chevy pickupThis is where you an insert country song lyrics! haha!


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