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Small Town – Urban Senior Photo Session in Indiana, PA

Senior photo sessions are in full effect and we have been having a blast! I get the request for urban style senior sessions often but seniors tend to get discouraged by the fact that we live in small town USA and the big bad city is an hour (or more with traffic) away. They start to think, well, I can’t really have an urban session because our down town doesn’t really have a whole lot of options and I don’t want to pay a travel fee….I’m here to tell you…YOU.ARE.WRONG. We have lots of urban inspiration in the small towns in Indiana County, Pa. I always tell people, you give me a small town and I will FIND YOU urban inspiration! What you see and what I see may be completely different.

The cool thing for me is that I get really excited when I get to shoot at new locations and when I get to use my creativity in a new way. I get a fresh set of eyes and a surge of creativity and I’m like a kid in a candy store. Seriously-I have self diagnosed ADD and my brain will constantly scan the area that we are in and I’m constantly thinking about the next “cool” nook or crannies. I LOVE color and I’m constantly looking for colors and textures/patterns. If you’ve shot with me in the past, you know EXACTLY what I mean! haha! Which is another reason I say to pick a photographer whose personality you mesh well with! haha! Look Squirrel!

Meet Abby! She’s a senior at Franklin Regional High School and she loves creative things as art is one of her favorite subjects. She plays soccer 24/7. She loves to explore and traveling is one of her favorite things -especially to the beach (she’s my soul sista). Her favorite colors are navy, gold, maroon and teal! She aspires  to play soccer in college which I have no doubt she will do. She beautiful, smart AND talented! I always get the best ones!! haha!


senior photos in the streets of down town indiana pa

I love the colors, the textures and as you will see…if there is color-I will FIND IT! haha!

urban senior photos in the alley of indiana paWhat do you want to be when you “grow up”:
“I would love to be a Marine Biologist and help save wild animals or an Oceanographer. Ever since I was little I loved the ocean and no one could get me out of the water. When I was learning to surf with my instructor the one time he told me not to panic because there was a shark. Instead of panicking I jumped off the board into the water to get a closer look. I have always wanted to discover new things at the bottom of the ocean. Another career I am thinking about is being Molecular Biologist and genetic engineer. This career inspired me learning about it. There are new innovations in this field from curing cancer to curing a genetic disorder. My overall goal is to help animals and people. Before I pursue any of these careers I would like to serve I the military.”- Abby

senior photo session under fire escape steps for urban sessionDescribe yourself using 3 words:
“Spontaneous, eccentric, bright”-Abby

senior photos inside of a parking garage for an urban shoot in indiana paTell us 5 random facts about yourself:
– I know how to surf and always wished I had a chance at being a pro (impossible dream when there are no waves near you)
– my middle name is Keeley, and it rhymes with kiwi. My initials are AKA
-when I am older I want a Pug named Bentley
– One goal of mine it to visit art museums around the world
– I love movie marathons and reading
– Also I love plane rides and car rides 😉

senior photos on top of a parking garage in indiana paTell us something that no one else may  know about you:
“I love watching old Disney movies such as the princess movies lol”- Abby

graduating senior photo session in urban indiana pa on philly streetWhat kind of activities do you do after school?
“I am involved in Soccer and swimming, I am a class officer and in rotary. I also referee and coach soccer to little kids.”- Abby

senior photos in urban downtown indiana paHow do you normally spend a day off of school?
“Reading, movies, hanging with friends, sometimes art, and YouTube videos”- Abbysenior standing in a shadow for senior photos in the ally of indiana pasenior photos at sunset at twolick parkWhat are your favorite stores to shop at?
“Lululemon, Athleta, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Francesca’s, Express”-Abby

senior photos at twolick lake in indiana pa

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