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small town USA 4th of July session | mallory + levi

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4th of July Mini Photo Sessions | Small Town USA

I’m going to take a few minutes to brag on my own kiddos!! Often times, I don’t get the chance to photograph my own kiddos using the mini session set ups that I have…..but this time, I made it a priority! Since “daddy” is a car guy and happens to have a collection on vintage trucks and cars, I have a feeling a LOT of the future mini sessions will all be vehicle inspired! This is one of Greg’s favorite trucks (besides old rusty!) and I think it’s because it feels so “old school america” or small town-if you will! We drive it to get ice cream, get groceries and even to cruise around town….when he doesn’t run out of gas! HAHAAH! Kidding!! But we have built lots of family memories with this truck so I think it will be really cool that years down the road, they will have these images to commemorate that time….and I mean, how cute is Levi’s spike!!



brother and sister in the back of a chevy pickup truck in a small town in blairsville paShe’s been obsessed with Converse since 3rd grade and she wears them EVERYWHERE including when she should be dressed up like school dances and graduations! haha!

baby sitting in the bed of a 1968 red chevy pick up truck on a dirt roadThat spike though!

vintage coke cooler in the bed of a vintage 1968 chevy pickup truckI love that Mallory is so good with him!

baby wearing red converse shoes Converse just like Sissy thanks to Grandma!

baby holding vintage coke bottles in front of an american flagTee he he!

a one year old baby driving a vintage pick up truck down a dirt road in indiana county paI love this shot!

baby sitting in a 1968 chevy pick up truck bench with an american flagI have a feeling he’s going to be a car guy just like Daddy!

brother and sister laughing in front of an american flagHow cute is this!?! Mommy Goggles!!

girl laughing on a dirt road in front of a red chevy pickup in small town usaShe’s looking so grown up! *sniff sniff*

teenager hanging out in the truck bed holding a vintage coke bottleMy small town gal!

teenager sitting on the truck bedsmall town fourth of july photos on a dirty road in blairsville pa

teen jumping off the truck with an american flag

Stay tuned for other 4th of July images throughout the week! I have lots to share!

I’m booking these truck sessions thru the end of July. If you’d like to get on the schedule, get in touch so we can get a time spot reserved for you! Happy Birthday #Merica!

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