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reasons you want rain on your wedding day | indiana county pa photographers

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Why rain on your wedding day isn’t always a bad thing.

How does that saying go? “Some people feel the rain….others just get wet!” I am so very fortunate that I attract a lot of “go with the flow” type of clients. The kind that can make THE BEST out of any less than ideal location-the kind that know it’s all about the attitude you go in with…the kind that “feel the rain!

If you live in SW PA like I do, you know that our weather can be VERY unpredictable no matter the season. We’ve had snow in spring, snow in fall, cold temps in summer, HOT days in winter and days and DAYZ of rain. I’ve learned to never REALLY put too much stock into what the weather is calling for. I’m trained to be able to shoot in any condition so I never really sweat it….especially with a good plan.

I get it, no one ever wants to hear the old “rain is good luck on your wedding day” comment. If you’ve said that to a bride in the past as a way to make her feel better-trust me, it didn’t! It’s just something people say when they don’t know what else to say to an upset Bride.   As a Bride, you may be hoping for more ideal weather conditions on YOUR big day, I’m here to tell you that from a photographers point of view-it’s not always such a bad thing. Below are just a few reasons why.

  1. Some of my FAVORITE wedding images I’ve taken were on rainy wedding days! WHY? Well because it forces  me to think outside the box and get more creative! We get to create moody and romantic images that we wouldn’t have been able to do to otherwise and the skies area almost always more interesting!bride and groom rushing into green house on a rainy day wedding
  2. It makes the ground glisten! Let’s face it, concrete can be boring! BUT when it’s wet, it glistens and becomes (in my opinion) more beautiful! It’s probably one of the reasons the roads are ALWAYS wet in hollywood movies! It gives the characters more ‘pop’ and clear separation from the background. Next time you’re watching a movie that’s suppose to take place at pitch black night, look for the giant flood light back-lighting everything. Don’t believe me-pay more attention next time. Hell, I was watching an episode of “The Bachelor” the other day (please don’t make fun of me, it’s my guilty pleasure) and they even wet down the concrete as the guys were getting out of the limo. It’s just more pretty! bride and groom walking in the rain under a clear umbrella
  3. It forces you to get closer! haha! No seriously- when you only have one clear dome shaped umbrella, you have to get REALLLLL close. That makes for more romance and we don’t have to make you look like you like each other! Joking!! But it does make it more romantic.bride and groom kiss under a clear umbrella when it rains on their wedding day
  4. Bonus: I’m told your flowers will last longer! Typically, flowers look amazing when they first show up and throughout the ceremony but some times, depending on the flowers you chose, they can start to take a turn for the worse towards photo time because of the heat. Your bouquet will look amazing longer!  bride and groom huddle under a clear umbrella when it rained on their wedding day
  5. It adds character! We get to play with things like umbrella’s, rain boots that can add color and personality….we can really have some fun with it!
  6. Sometimes you will get an AMAZING sunset after it clears.bride and groom portrait with a sunset a five fillies farm

If you are REALLY REALLY stressed out about the rain, you may want to consider a “first look”. This would allow us to choose a location prior to the wedding ceremony and not be rushed. We can choose covered locations alternative to where your ceremony or reception would be and leave plenty of time before hand so that you don’t feel rushed. THEN if after the ceremony the weather has cleared, we would simply take “bonus images”. Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom!


rain on your wedding day clear umbrella

Listen, if you’ve hired a true professional, you really have nothing to worry about. Professionals understand lighting and can make anything happen with quick thinking and innovation-it’s what we do! I can speak for me personally, in all of my 12 years of shooting weddings,  I have never had wedding photos ruined because of the rain -we’ve always figured it out. We talk about backup plans ahead of time during the timeline meeting so that we have an approach a head of time. It takes the stress out of trying to figure it out on the day of.

No great story every happened with “remember when it was perfect”.

rainy day wedding with rain drops on the window

rustic wedding at oak lodge in stahlstown pa in the rain

As they say…..rain is just confetti from the sky AND nothing can grow without it.… cool is it to have your marriage watered right from the start!








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