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Document your family with a legacy session + heirloom leather album

Like many of you, we recently purchased the Ancestry DNA kits to find out more about where we came from. I’m not sure what it is about being an older adult that I appreciate those things a little more and I’m craving find out a little more about our heritage. In doing the search for relatives and grandparents, I have often thought to myself how amazing it would be to have a legacy album so that as the children/grand children/ great grandchildren grow up, they have a visual of their family characteristics and personalities. These Legacy Sessions mean so much to me because up until roughly 3/4 years ago, we had 5 generations alive and well in my family. Great Grandma Sandolfini passed away but I treasure the images we have of her and I”m so very thankful I have them to show my grandchildren one day thru professional photos.

legacy session documenting family historylegacy session documenting family history

If family is important to you and you’d love to document this time, your generations and have an heirloom to pass on to the next branches of your family tree, get in touch and we can make that happen. I have a warm toasty studio and I’d love to create some memories for you! IF you’re reading this and thinking “meh, I don’t want my photo taken because I have a few pounds to lose, my haircut isn’t how I want it or I don’t have anything to wear”, let me direct you to this handy dandy blog post I wrote several years ago called “these aren’t for you!“. haha! But on a serious note, in 20-30-40 years when your loved ones may not be around, no one will care that you didn’t have a trendy outfit, what your hairstyle looks like (although they may have a few laughs) but they will care where they came from!

I love photo shoots that have meaning, it’s part of “my why” and the reason I started my business in the first place. I want to document families the way I wished mine had been documented. I don’t care about cheesy backgrounds, trendy props or crazy edits that will look dated in another 5 years, I want to capture real life. Sessions booked during the month of February will be $50 off.


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