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By April 14, 2016 2 Comments

I’m on a mission to bring back “MY WHY”!  The reason WHY I wanted to be a photographer in the first place. I wish I could tell you that it was a “passsssssion” from the very beginning of time, or that my great uncle gave me my first camera when I was the age of 3, or that someone visited me in a dream and told me this is what I should be doing…the truth is-that’s not how it happened AT ALL for me. Most of you know my story and that I didn’t really get into photography until around high school/ college. My why came to me when I was digging thru a box of photos of my sister who had recently passed away in a car accident. We were rummaging thru shoe boxes looking for the perfect photos to display at the funeral-you know, that board of photos that goes near the casket for people to look at and remember her. The problem was, I found all kinds of photos with us dressed up in our Easter dresses, Christmas dresses and with all kinds of (really outdated) props. We were all looking towards the camera with that fake “say cheeeeese” smile when the photo was taken. I didn’t have a single one of her laughing, of her acting goofy, of her….well, just being herself. It made me really sad because the only thing we have left when someone is gone are the photos and memories. I had lots of memories, but I was afraid they would fade over time. I had lots of photos of what she “LOOKED LIKE”, but not one single photo that showed what her personality was like…….or the way I wanted to remember her.

When I started my business (many moons ago), I made myself a vow that I wouldn’t ever become one of those “commercialized” studios-not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not me! I wanted to offer my clients a customized experience without cheesy props or backgrounds that would become outdated in a few years (case in point: lazer backgrounds) It’s just not how I roll. I prefer more of a lifestyle approach.

So……if you wonder why I would prefer to not shoot with props (ya know, the ones that will become REALLY outdated in a few years) and prefer to capture real life-lifestyle photography….the kind that shows what real life is like, the kind that not everyone is looking at the camera, the kind that you will be able to remember what their personality was like……THAT is my why. I’m on a mission to bring back sessions that fit my why….it’s the whole reason I got into photography in the first place! As cheesy as it may sound, every time I show up at a shoot, I photograph your family the way I wish my family would have been photographed growing up. <3

Let’s bring back real life people……..because some day when you’re rummaging thru a box, that prop isn’t really going to matter-is it?!

This is Amanda and Ada…..I got to hang out with them this afternoon baking cookies during a “mommy and me” session. I got to capture REAL LIFE…….my whole reason WHY! <3



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