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She’s the yinzer and he’s the Philly fan……..and somehow it works!  I love the playful banter they have back and forth about their favorite teams! Besides sports, they love trying to new food spots! He coaches middle school wrestling and any chance Amelia gets she goes to cheer the team on….and he’s her biggest cheerleader during one of her favorite hobbies of running obstacle courses and marathons…..even though he says she’s an ugly runner! hahahaha As a matter of fact, we shoot their engagement session the day before she ran the Pittsburgh marathon!

lawrenceville pittsburgh engagement sessionSo give us the scoop on how you met?
“About 2004ish, Myspace Days! Back during that time I broke the Myspace rules and set up a profile, I was about 15. I went back the name of “Punch Kid” in reference to one of my favorite bands, Punchline. During that time I would work with bands across the country in setting up shows (or just working on networking), it was at that time that I found a passion for advertising/ marketing without realizing it. While I was busy working on networking, Justin was working on his own type of networking. (aka, picking up chicks) During this time I was what you could call a “scenester” (all black everythinggg, short/ spikey black tips, thick eyeliner to make me look like a raccoon.) At the time, Justin was in his own little rock band, and of course I was automatically attracted that that idea.

lawrenceville pittsburgh engagement photosWe originally just started off talking about music/ life via Myspace. It got to a point of exchanging our AIM names. We would talk off and on for awhile. (Mind you, this entire time he thought I was at least 18 due to Myspace age requirement. Justin was about 18 at the time of us talking.) Months would go by and we wouldn’t speak to each other. I could never remember his name but would always remember, he was that annoying “Axlesbudrose13” character with an annoying Eagles icon that would always go off. It got to a point where I would roll my eyes every time this kid would AIM me, then have to search for his name via Myspace to remember his real name. I eventually broke the news to him that I also was underage and blew his mind. LOL! Oops! We still continued to talk after that, but we both developed relationships with other people.lawrenceville pittsburgh engagement photosMore years went by, and we both were still in separate relationships. We would continue to talk off and on again just talking about life. I loved the fact that we could talk about everything and anything. There would be nights where we would stay up until 3-4am talking about ghosts or views on a specific topic. It was as though I was speaking to a new best friend. I would always look forward to having conversations with him.

In May 2009, we decided to finally meet each other after speaking for years. (By this time, we were both out of our previous relationships for awhile.) I set up a double date so that if things got weird, I had an escape goat! Fortunately for us, things went well. We decided to go to the Melting Pot with my other friends. I didn’t know it then, but Justin was so nervous and had to keep running to the restroom. At first we were all confused until he told me later that night the reasoning behind running to the restroom! Lol We spent the entire weekend together. At this point in time he was living towards Reading, PA and I was living in Pittsburgh going to school. lawrenceville pittsburgh engagement photosWe spent the weekend together and had a Boy Meets World marathon and made brownies. It was during that weekend that we actually started our tradition of brownie fights. Anytime we make brownies, it turns into a battle ground where more brownie mix could be found throughout the apartment compared to being in the brownie dish!

The following day of our first meeting, my parents decided to come out for a visit and meet this boy. Within the first few minutes my mom knew he was the one. *Momster knows best!* Things went so well, that within a few weeks, we decided to book a vacation together later in the summer.” – Amelialawrenceville pittsburgh engagement photos“We’re a sarcastic couple. Since I take my work life very seriously, my personal life is complete opposite. As mentioned before, we get into random “fights”, so anything from brownie fights/ water gun fights/ etc.”- Amelia
lawrenceville pittsburgh engagement photosDescribe Justin using three words:

Describe Amelia using three words:

“Yinz” guys were a blast to hang out with. I loved every minute including finding a random weave in the park an getting locked into a porta john! All in a good day’s work! HAHAHAAH!


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