tween portraits at nelson ghost town in Nevada

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Nelson Ghost Town Tween Portraits

There’s this place in the middle of no where in Nevada, not far from Las Vegas called Nelson Ghost Town.  This is a location of an old mine and buildings and items on the property are real relics and it genuinely feels like you walked back in time. There are old buildings, amazing rusted-out and antique cars, amazing old road and gas station signs, and even old mining equipment used back when the local Techatticup gold mine was in full swing. This place is a photographer’s dream location to get some amazing photos and many famous music videos, and movies have been filmed here including 3000 Miles To Graceland.

….so of course we wanted to go there to get some photos of us (Greg and I) from a photographer we hired to take our own photos the day we got married. I brought along my camera so that I could snag a few of Miss Mallory before the sun went completely down. All of these shots were taken moments before it was completely dark. I mean, we were running around like crazy people trying to get in as many photos as possible before we had zero daylight left. We had used up most of the light for Greg and I’s photos but I wasn’t going to leave unless we had some of her!

She turned 13 years old this year. I have a 13 year old! WHAT!!!! I’m so proud of the young woman she is becoming. She has a sense of humor, she’s a fantastic big sister, she’s genuine, beautiful, respectful and I almost feel not worthy to have her because I gave my parents such a hard time growing up that Mallory makes having a teenager seem so easy! She’s so down to earth and I’m so honored to call her my daughter! <3


nelson ghost town nevadaI love that she wore her converse! It’s a staple in her wardrobe.

nelson ghost town nevada*sniffle* my little girl is growing up!

nelson ghost town nevadanelson ghost town nevadanelson ghost town nevadanelson ghost town nevadanelson ghost town nevadanelson ghost town nevadaYou know, just hanging out in front of a plane in the desert, no big deal.

nelson ghost town nevada

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