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Miss Rhonda’s Mobile Bouquet | professional lifestyle head shots

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Why a professional headshot is important for business and brand!

Present your business and brand the right way! Not all businesses are created equal and neither are brands.

Rhonda’s business called “ Miss Rhonda’s Current Vintage Home Lifestyle & GIFTS” is a lifestyle brand located in Blairsville, PA. She doesn’t sit behind a desk, she doesn’t wear a suite and tie, she’s a do-it-yourselver! So we wanted to photograph her to show that off but in a casual and approachable way. She brought her mobile boutique over to the studio and we captured some more laid back and professional images for her to use on social media, platforms like linkedIn and her website!

You may be posting your head shot on your company’s website, or want to post it on your social media pages, you are always representing your business in one way or another. You might deal with other businesses or with the general public, but a professional head shot will put confidence into your business and make your clients (both businesses and public) more willing to deal with you.



Head shots don’t have to be stuffy!


She started her business because she loves to creative beautiful decor and delicious meals for the home. She loves bringing new life to something old and making it beautiful and unique! Her purpose and goal is to provide clients with not only decor that is perfect for them but also provide them with the tools that they would need to creative them themselves! 

She’s basically a natural behind the camera! She *IS* her brand! I can tell you, she’s just as gorgeous on the inside!

After taking some casual shots outside in the mobile boutique, we moved inside the studio to capture a few more “professional” shots while still keeping it causal.

Miss Rhonda! You are not only gorgeous….but your talent is out of this world! <3


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