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I have to start off by saying that this shoot makes me feel old! I shot Jamie’s senior photos around 7  years ago-man how time flies. He went and fell in love with the girl he met in 7th grade (Bethany) and now they are getting married and having a winter wedding! Bethany wanted to have winter photos taken so we went back to Jamie’s family property in 26 degree weather to make that happen! I didn’t hear one complaint out if either of them-even with all the wind blowing but I’m 100% positive he went thru an entire tank of gas letting his truck run while we shot and then ran back to get warm! haha!

Can we just agree……Jamie you “did good” with the engagement ring!!! <3

engagement ring hanging from pine tree

How did you meet?
“We met in 7th grade when I moved to Saltsburg and started attending Saltsburg Middle High School. We were good friends and had all of the same mutual friends throughout junior high and high school. We even “went out” for like 3 days in 7th grade (HAHA).”-Bethany

engaged couple on top of a hill in the snow with the wind blowing

“ a seventh-grader, my first thought was “This kid is cute.”.. and then I realized “OMG I have to ask him for a pencil because I didn’t bring one to our first day of Music class!” So he gave me a pencil and I appreciated his kindness AND cuteness hahah”-Bethany

engaged couple kissing under pine trees in the snowengaged couple embracing under pine trees in the snow

“I LOVEEEEE Christmas time! Everything about the holiday makes me so happy, so I totally figured that Jamie would propose on Christmas morning. This was our tenth Christmas together, and I was running out of patience waiting for Jamie to pop the question! On Christmas Eve, we were rushing to get ready and get to Saltsburg (we live an hour away) for all of our families’ dinners, parties, etc. So I was getting ready and Jamie kept being very odd, asking how long until I was ready and telling me that he wanted to have time to give Milo (our very spoiled puppy) a gift before we left our house. I thought this was weird and kept telling him “just give Milo a toy and let’s go!”. Jamie was being super concerned about what I was wearing and what he should wear, which was super out of character for him, so I started to think something was up. Right before we left the house, Jamie told me to come into the living room and “watch Milo open his present”. So I did. Jamie was down on BOTH knees (like a total dad, hahaha) next to the Christmas tree and threw a wrapped gift to Milo. In my head, I was like “This is it! It’s happening! My ring is in that package!”. But Milo was tearing the paper to shreds and I was watching Jamie, thinking “Ummm..shouldn’t you stop him before he eats my ring?!” Within a minute, Milo had “opened” his gift, which was a red Frisbee ring. After he opened it, I turned to look at Jamie like “Wow, that was underwhelming”, and he was on his knee holding up the ring (which had been hanging on the tree like an ornament and I had totally missed it!). That’s when he asked, and I said “yes”, of course. Then we headed out the door to go see our families and tell everyone the good, long-awaited news! So, Milo and I both got a ring for Christmas!”- Bethany

engaged couple embracing in the snow during winterengagement photos near industrial building“I said it…on accident! Haha. Our Junior year of high school, on a random day after school, we were waiting for the “walkers” to be dismissed to go home. When we went to go our separate ways to our houses, we hugged and kissed and “I love you” just slipped out! He said it back, but my face was shocked because I didn’t even plan on saying it, but it was true! hahaha.”-Bethany

engaged couple in front of peeling steel painted garage doorengaged couple piggy back ride in the winter snow

Bethany: 1) I student-taught in New Zealand!   2) I was born in Michigan and lived there until I was 12.  3) In May I will earn my Master’s Degree!

Jamie: 1) Voted Most Attractive of the SMHS Class of 2010!   2) First (and only) airplane ride was 6 months ago..on a private jet.   3) Refuses to leave the U.S. because he lives in the greatest country in the world.

engaged couple walking away in the snow towards a rusted buildingfiance kissing him on the cheek in the snow“Jamie is fun-loving and spontaneous while I’m much more planned-out and routine-oriented. He likes to be outside while I’d rather be watching a movie on the couch. I love to travel, but he refuses to fly or spend a large amount of time in a car -_- We are basically more opposite than we are alike, but it works well for us!”-Bethany

engaged couple industrial vibe for their engagement photosengaged couple have photos taken in the pole barn on his property in the winter

Bethany: ice cream, TJ Maxx, and Milo 🙂

Jamie: Netflix, his truck, and Milo

engaged couple have photos taken in the pole barn on his property in the winterengaged couple have photos taken in the pole barn on his property in the winter

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