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Photographing Women 30 and Older | studio sessions

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Celebrate Yourself: Photos Sessions for Women over 30!

photographing women in their 30's and olderA few weeks ago, I spent the better part of the day removing an oxygen mask out of an image of a women laying in a hospital bed for a grieving family. Why? It was one of the very few images they had of her now that she has passed. I know this feeling all to well when I had to dig thru a shoebox of pictures days before my sisters funeral many years ago searching for images that I could display, I was sad to find very little that showed off her personality. If you’ve experienced that feeling of regret, you know how awful it feels.

As I was editing, my mind drifted and I started thinking…most women haven’t had their photos professionally taken since they were a senior in high school-or at least a session that focused on just them. Sure they have their wedding photos and perhaps a family photo here or there in between but let’s face it, us women are horrible with getting in front of the camera. We hold our hands up in front of our face when someone tries, we complain that we need to loose more weight, that our makeup isn’t done, our clothes don’t fit right, we don’t like our smile, we’re having a bad hair day….I’ve heard them all over the years! I may have even said a few of those myself.

We spend money on things that will give us temporary enjoyment: coffee, getting our nails done, our hair colored, expensive shoes …the list goes on. But we find it hard to spend money on something that will leave a legacy? I made myself a promise that when I had children, I was going to try to have photos taken-even on the days when my hair isn’t cooperating (if you follow me on Instagram, you know this is true) but it was because I knew what that feeling is like of not having enough images to hold on to and I never wanted my loved ones to feel that.

photographing women in their 30's and older

I’m so excited to offer these sessions for women over 30…for Mom’s, Grandma’s, GREAT Grandma’s who just want to celebrate themselves for lives big and little achievements. You’ve over came weight loss, juggling a family and your kids sports schedule, you’ve reached a goal….or perhaps like the woman Lori pictured-you are a three time cancer survivor! You NEED to get in front of the camera.

Stop being selfish…be in photos. Exist. The photos aren’t for YOU, they are for THEM. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my loved ones to have to edit out an oxygen mask as I lay in the hospital because it’s the ONLY thing they have and trust me- they don’t care that you put on a few extra pounds.

In my “mom” voice: I’m only telling you this because I care about you-get over yourself and go take a selfie and then call me….I want you in front of my camera! <3


What to bring for the session:
1. Plain black shirt, jeans and a pair of heels
2. A sparkly, “going out on the town” dress that you feel great in.
3. One additional outfit that shows off your personality.
4. A great attitude! Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to pose-that’s my job!!

photographing women in their 30's and olderphotographing women in their 30's and olderphotographing women in their 30's and olderphotographing women in their 30's and olderphotographing women in their 30's and older

photographing women in their 30's and older

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