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“getting ready” in your childhood home

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Wedding Preparations In Your Childhood Home


Think about it. 30 years from now you’re flipping thru your wedding album and you’re flooded with memories, not only from your wedding day, but from the background of the images. You can point to the decor, the room layout and the photos on the wall and remember all those important moments growing up. THAT’S where you bumped your head while rough housing with Dad, those were the steps you walked down for proms and other school dances and you can talk about how the styles have changed so much over the year. You can’t do that with hotel rooms. You can’t do that with a basement of the church. Where you get ready matters. It sets the vibe of your images.

Example: If you get your dress on in the basement of a church with stacked up chairs, jesus posters, drop ceilings/awful florescent lighting and nursery toys…that sets a very different vibe than a modern hotel room. Catch my drift. Think hard about what vibe you want for those shots! My go-t0 is always the family home. If that’s not possible due to time restraints, distant, etc., then seek out a place that has lots of natural light/windows/less clutter. Hotel rooms can be an amazing option depending on the vibe you want. Sometimes the venues have a room-but please look at it ahead of time and make sure that’s the vibe you want.

Hannah got ready at her parent’s home. I’m not going to lie, the place was gorgeous and when I walked in and saw the decor/the light/and the openness, I knew immediately we would be doing the wedding prep downstairs instead of only in a bedroom. Sometimes that includes sliding a couch or chair a little to the side…..but it’s SO SO SO worth it! It’s all about dat’light!


bridal bouquet in front of gold mirrosThose flowers!!!

bride admiring her dress hanging in the window


Admiring her dress while it’s hanging in the window!

bride admiring her dress hanging in the windowbride getting ready
bride getting her dress on

bridesmaids on the staircaseThe bridesmaids robes were too adorable to not get a group shot!

bridal portraitsbridesmaids peeking thru the doorway at the brideThese gals! <3

bride walking down the steps and bride twirling her dress

Whip it…whip it real good!

dad sees his daughter as a bride for the first timeCue the water works!! bride hugging her dad after a first lookMy favorite images are when Dad sees the bride!! <3

bride and dad crying after the first look

bride under veil


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