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stonehenge lodge winter wedding photos in the snow

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We live in Southwestern, Pennsylvania and that means that in any given week of the year, we could have all 4 seasons within days of each other! haha! Weeks prior we had 50 degree weather, then threats of a nor’easter, negative below windchills and then back to 50 degree weather all within just a few days! Ever since they asked me to be their wedding photographer,  I was secretly hoping for snow…I mean, it’s a January wedding and what else would tell the story of a winter wedding with big’ol puffy snow flakes. So, you can image how excited I was as we were driving to the venue and all this white powder was falling from the sky.  It was a dream. The snow flakes were falling, everything was coated in a light layer of white and the sounds were muffled. All you could hear was the crunching of the snow, the groomsman shivering in their think dress shoes and socks and the girls laughing at them calling them penguins as they huddled together to keep warm! haha!

I hope the weather was everything she hoped for…because it was everything *I* hoped for!


We met in seventh grade at Saltsburg Middle-High School.

When we first met in seventh grade, we were just friends. Three years later, when we started “liking” each other, I think I noticed Jamie’s sense of humor and his easy-going personality, and he noticed “how cute I was” (his words, not mine!).

The proposal…….

“I absolutely LOVE Christmas and everything about it.  So, on Christmas Eve 2017, Jamie popped the question! We were rushing to get ready so that we could make it to my grandma’s dinner on time, which would be followed by a Christmas party at Jamie’s mom’s house. I was hurrying Jamie out the door, but he said he wanted to let Milo (our puppy) open a gift before we left. I rolled my eyes because Jamie had NEVER bought Milo a gift before, or insisted that we show up late to someone’s house, but I followed him into our living room. He knelt by the Christmas tree and gave Milo a wrapped gift. I watched Milo try to open it, but he wasn’t very successful, so Jamie ripped the wrapping paper off and handed Milo a red rubber toy (which was circular, like a ring…).  I thought nothing of it, and looked at Jamie as if to say “Okay, can we go now?”, and in that moment he pulled my engagement ring off of the Christmas tree. It had been hanging there among the ornaments and I hadn’t even noticed it! So, Milo and I both got rings for Christmas that year!”- Bethany

“I would say our ultimate favorite thing to do together was go to The Meadows for ice cream! We would also go out to dinner, go to movies, or just hang out at one of our houses.  We also spent a lot of time with our best friends (who are also couples).  Jamie’s favorite hobbies would be hunting, fishing, and doing ANYTHING outside, whereas I prefer to stay indoors and shop, watch movies, or read. Opposites attract! 😉 “- Bethany

Jamie couldn’t live without…. mountain dew, ice cream, and pizza.

Bethany couldn’t live without…ice cream, coffee, and TJ Maxx!

I did! And it was totally by accident….  we had been dating for a few months, and we were both standing in the SHS lobby after school one day. We were just talking, but my friend (who was giving me a ride home) was ready to leave, so I quickly kissed Jamie and said the words “I love you!”. We both looked at each other, but I couldn’t explain that I didn’t mean to say it- it just came out! And the rest is history!

Every year, I beg Jamie to go to the beach with me. He HATES the beach, but agreed to go a few years ago. We packed everything up and went to Wildwood, NJ. Our first day at the beach, we both got SO sunburnt that we went back to the hotel and stayed in the air-conditioned room for most of our vacation. Needless to say, we won’t be going to the beach on our honeymoon!

“I think it’s special that we’ve been together since high school and are STILL together. I think everyone dreams of having a “high school sweetheart”, but it often doesn’t work out for couples. I think it’s a sweet story to tell our future children and grandchildren about all of the history between us, our experiences together, and how we got to grow up together.”- Bethany

Jamie describing Bethany: nice, funny, caring

Bethany describing Jamie: hardworking, funny, thoughtful

Jamie: 1) I work in a literal hole in the ground…   2) I’m deathly afraid of snakes.   3) I like my dogs more than I like humans.

Bethany: 1) I was born in Michigan, but moved to Saltsburg, PA when I was 12.    2) I got to student-teach for 2 months in New Zealand during college!   3) I was the SHS 2009 Homecoming Queen!

“We are perfect together because…we have a lot of fun together! We both also work really hard and take our careers seriously. We’re on the same page about becoming established at our jobs and saving money so that we have a solid foundation when we start a family. Oh! Plus, Jamie is really good at doing the dishes after I cook dinner 😉 “- Bethany


You guys are so dang cute!!!! <3