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stonehenge lodge wedding reception

By February 1, 2019 No Comments

It was beautiful to watch as the maid of honor and the best man gave their speeches while the snow flakes fell slowly to the ground right outside the window. The fire cracking and guests belly laughing as they sat and toasted to Jamie and Bethany. It wall exactly what she was going for…cozy, classic, vintage.

The dance floor was full and I have proof as you’ll see in the images below! Remember folks, anything on the dance floor is free-game, and you may end up on a blog post near you! HAHAHA!


cozy, classic, vintage wedding reception




The grand entrance!

The entire room was belly laughing…including me!


I had each of those cookies! I told you, #ThisIsWhyImFat



Let’s get this party started!!

That’s a wrap!! What you see here is a tip of the iceberg to all the hilarious shots that will be delivered in the final set of images. I can not wait for you to see them all. Grab your popcorn Bethany and Jamie, you’re gonna want it! ahahah!