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getting ready at your childhood home | latrobe, pa photographer

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The sun was shining SO BRIGHT on my drive over to Kelsey’s childhood home…that’s where she was getting ready. Lots of cars were parked in the driveway and there was a Disney wreath on the front door that had the words “I do”. That’s who I knew I was in the right place-Kelsey is a Disney lover! haha!

I will say it a million times…I LOVE when Brides get ready in their childhood homes. I love that the background of the images aren’t some random hotel room… but things that are familiar and tell a story of their lives that led up to that point. I got to see her childhood bedroom filled with photos and memories of her high school sweetheart she was getting ready to walk down the aisle to!

I also love that her sister was able to be part of her day, I love that the photos displayed in the hallway were of her Mom and Dad’s wedding day and I love that the first time Dad got to see her in her wedding gown was in the same living room that he got to see her wear prom dresses and homecoming dresses! I’ll take that over some fancy hotel room ANY day!

…..and can we talk about this dress!!!

Latrobe, PA Wedding Photographer

The beading was to DIE for! I’m obsessed with the sleeves and the length of the sleeves on that dress…just wait until you see it on!

Shake it like a polaroid picture! haha

…..I TOLD YOU!  The texture of this dress is GORGEOUS!

Momma shots get me every time!

…and I have to brag on Logan (the groom) for a minute! I have been shooting weddings for close to 16 years now…HUNDREDS of weddings over the years. This was probably one of the most thoughtful gifts I have seen in all of those years.

Not only did he write her a letter for her to open on their wedding day-but a letter for every other milestone moment in their FUTURE life! The amount of time and thought that went into it blows me away.

They include moments like: the honeymoon, their first born baby, when she is having a bad day, their first home purchase, etc.,  And of course there were lots of tears!!

So. dang. sweet!

The moment Dad saw his baby girl all dressed up for her wedding day!

…more tears! <3

I love that she is holding a photo of her and Logan from one of their high school dances while wearing her wedding dress! <3

…..and they’re off to to the chapel! Stay tuned for more images from their ceremony!

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