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Grandma has always been so “put together”. She’s always been stylish and for as long as I remember she’s always worn the same shade of lipstick.

I remember going thru my tomboy stage growing up and admiring how girly she was with her heels and  hair is pinned up almost every single day in perfect pin curls on top of her head….. except for on special occasions when she’d let her hair down. I can still smell the perfume she wears.

I asked her the day these photos were taken (she showed up with her hair pinned) why she doesn’t wear it down more often. Her response: “I feel like I’m too old to wear it down”. *gasp* I never knew that!  As soon as she said it, I instructed her to take them out!

These are the images I want to remember of her 30 years from now!  Long after the smell of her perfume is gone, I’ll have these….my children will have these and I can only image the stories they will tell! What a gift that will be!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. *wink wink*


She makes those $3.99 goodwill dresses look AMAZING!!!!


(Left): How she typically pins her hair up. (Right): when she lets it loose! HAWT!


A little fur action!

I’d venture to say she was having a fun time!


I am so thankful to have been able to capture these images! I always say….images are worth so much more than the paper they are printed on! I hope that I look a quarter as good as she does at her age. Hopefully Grandma passes those genes right on down to me! <3