paige + mike | tree farm engagement session

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He grew up on this land…….his roots are here-LITERALLY- it’s a Christmas tree farm! And now almost 6 years after meeting, Paige and Mike are getting ready to put their own roots on the land with their forever home! When I asked them if there was a location that “meant a lot” he wrote back and told me about the family land. The really cool thing about these images, is that not only is the land he grew up on, but this will be the land that their kids grow up on and some day they will be able to point to these images and tell stories about what it was like when they fell in love.

In some of the images below, they are standing on dirt and if you look closely, you will see the land stakes in the background. They are standing on the literal spot of where their house will be built and I made them promise me that they will take a photo in that same exact spot every year from now on….because I’m all sentimental like that!

Their images are so full of personality and love! And I have to say to my other clients…you better step up your game, she brought me gifts of my favorite things, a hand written note AND stuff to make a mixed drink. STEP.UP.YOUR.GAME. hahaha! #kidding

O’Sullivan Tree Farm, Indiana PA Engagement Session


So may I be the first to say….Mike did a beyond EXCELLENT job of keeping this a total surprise and secret from me! Mike had just started a new job which we were planning to celebrate. (Meanwhile that was the alibi for our pre-engagement dinner.) Mike and I went to Donatello’s (a sweet little Italian restaurant) on July 27th of this past summer to celebrate him earning his new position. Following dinner, we were chatting about what a nice evening it was and decided to head out to Blue Spruce Park to go for a walk (the location of our 1st date for the Christmas lights). In true Paige fashion, I suggested grabbing ice cream at Dairy Queen first…b/c if you know me, i’m an ice cream girl 110%. We started walking through Blue Spruce and got to a little wooden bridge and the trail ended on the other side. I started to turn around to walk back up the trail and realized Mike wasn’t walking with me. I turned back around and he was down on one knee. Literally the first words out of my mouth were, “Whoa, what are you doing!?” ha ha ha….he still tells me my reaction was priceless. I was happy as can be and couldn’t stop beaming! <3 p.s. don’t worry I did say yes obviously!- Paige


Mike said “I love you” first. It was on October 31, 2015, after we got back from a Halloween party with friends. We dressed up as Woody & Jesse from Toy Story! Ha ha….it was pretty cute, little did he know this was only the beginning of dressing up with me! (In addition, we’ve been Fred and Wilma Flintstone as well as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell…..needless to say he’s a trooper! 🙂



I would describe Mike as….ambitious, affectionate, competitive.

I would describe Paige as….bubbly, lovable, caring


-sings country music with a crazy twang in her voice in the car
-loves receiving hand written cards more than any other gift
-enjoys traveling and researching good vacation deals

-has played hockey since age 3
-enjoys being active outside
-he’s a big dreamer

Mike getting all frisky!


The first wedding we went to together, they did the garter toss first. Mike caught it which caught me totally off guard. So obviously, I got my game face on to be sure I caught that bouquet—-let me tell you what, the competitive nature in me was full force and I swiped that bouquet like nobody’s business! Ha ha


We’ve in the process of getting to build our home which is on Mike’s family’s Christmas tree farm. All of our images were shot on the property and we CANNOT wait till we can have them displayed throughout our home <3 They will be a reminder of the progress we’ve made since Mike was diagnosed with AML leukemia, and how together we can get through any challenges.


I always had a fear of being on the kiss-cam at a professional sporting event. Mike and I made it on the KISS CAM at the Pittsburgh Penguins playoff game when we first started dating! We were just sitting there talking and he said to me, “Wouldn’t that be funny if we made it on the Kiss Cam?” and the next thing I know—-I look up and we’re on it! Mike looks at me and says, “So are you going to leave me hanging or what?!”. Needless to say, I had to get over my nervous-ness and we made our KISS-Cam debut!

 She’s beautiful….but dang does she talks ALOT! ha

He treated me like a gentleman.



I (Paige) started following your work on social media and fell in love with your ability to capture everything in the moment. From your photos to your writing on your blog, I felt as though your photography came to life in the most AMAZING light. Having now met you, your zest and enthusiasm for life is contagious! It makes even more sense the detail and pride you put into gifting people with photographs they’ll treasure for life! <3

We love attending Pittsburgh Penguin games together or watching them at home, traveling, Target runs, working on the Christmas tree farm, playing pond hockey, spending time with family & friends, etc.


You two are amazing! have some pretty amazing friends and family! *wink wink*  🧡🧡🧡